Where the roster stands currently as of Sunday Morning

Okay let me say first and foremost I am not going to go into details of who we have. If you want that info I can edit this later and put it in here but this is just a listing of numbers and my comments.

Quarterback - 3 Personally I think we are set for this position unless something (knock on some massively thick wood) happens to one of our quarterbacks. I like the Moore signing btw.

Running Back - 7 I am unsure how this position is going to fill out. I do know that we may be carrying an additional RB for the first 4 weeks depending on the NFL. In the mean time I figure we will carry 5 rbs so some competition is going to heat up in the summer. BTW for those sitting at home I count Logan as a RB along with our lone FB as a RB.

Wide Receiver - 9 This should be interesting. I see 4 guys are gonna make it automatically however we are going to have a battle for the other 1 or 2 slots. It should be fun to see who gets on the team for the punt and kick teams.

Tight End - 5 I am going to say that only 3 will get on the squad however Heller is going to have a battle on his hands if slumps. I doubt it will occur with him but only the pre season games will show what happens.

Offensive Line - 15 I am going to break these down by position but I want to get an over view. If we run 11 RBs and WRs the Oline is limited to just 8 players so the more players we keep on the O line the less weapons we can have on the squad. Now lets talk turkey.

Center - 3 I see us carrying two of them for the season unless we can get some versatility out of our Tackles.

Guard - 5 Myself I just do not see much help on the roster. So I am going to go with just 2 for the season.

Tackle - 7 Well this is it folks. We have 5 tackles that have been drafted that have Signing bonus money on the books after Reiff gets signed. I should mention that Goser and Backus are the ones with SB over half a million. Personally I think we keep 4 tackles this year on the roster. I think it will be battle for the backups between Fox and Hillard.

So for the offense we are sitting at 39 players not a bad amount but I think we could almost use another QB and give Moore a small push but other wise its a good selection of players. I think for WR though we may add a couple more players before pre season opens up in August.

Defensive Tackle - 6 For our Big Boys I think we are looking at only 5 for the season and I think it will be the same as last year however we may get to add an additional player for the possible suspension coming up.

Defensive End - 7 For the pass rushers I think we will see the same 4 as last year. Nothing new has changed for me in mind.

Linebackers - 11 Lets be honest do I think all 5 of our drafted linebackers will be on the opening roster, nope not a chance. I think one could be a mayhewing in action if all 5 are playing at a good level. Personally I think the LTD squad will return with the 4 drafted LBs and Palmer having a battle for the remaining 3 spots.

Safeties - 7 Hmm I think we are looking at a make it break it year for our starters. Needless to say they will be back at the start of the season however for backups, the ability to play on ST and Def is going to way heavy in the decision making this year unlike last year with only 4 safeties making the roster this year.

Cornerbacks - 8 Anybody who did not like this draft class can go out and try to push my F-150 forward while I drive back wards. I LOVED this draft class and so should you. I can see all 3 drafted CBs on the roster with Houston and Lacey being our starters. The last position IMHO will be filled by the remaining 3 CBs.

So for our Defense we are sitting with 39 players as well. Overall I think we need some more DL added to the roster going forward. Outside of that we are sitting really good.

BTW we have 5 special teamers and this time the competition is going to be only for the Punter role. I see Hanson kicking for another year and who knows what happens at the end of the season. Which puts our total number of players at 83 with only 7 roster spots left to fill.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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