The Detroit "Bud" Boys

Okay, y'all.

I know we've been through it and through it regarding this weed problem our dear Lions have been having. My personal position is not unlike many of you out there. I don't have a problem with smoking weed any more than I have a problem with drinking beer. However in both cases I expect people to be responsible about it. It is obvious we got a few guys being stupid.

Very stupid.

Extremely stupid.

In fact I am actually kind of taken aback by all the idiocy. But that's not what this post is about. More after the jump.

I don't want to dwell on how stupid an individual needs to be in order to hide blunts in a hotel's common area instead of their room. I don't want to talk about how dumb a guy needs to be to be busted for weed twice in a month. Even for somebody NOT making a bunch of money at a job that forbids pot, that is stupid. (BTW how did he "attempt" to eat it and not succeed? That one kinda confuses me) And I'm not gonna get into how dumb it is to be speeding around a neighborhood for over a half an hour drawing attention to yourself while you are holding, especially when 2 teammates have recently been busted for the same thing. (Did somebody say he had a suspended license?? SMH) Nope. I'm not gonna bitch about that.


Okay, well I guess I'm not gonna bitch about that ANY MORE in this post.

What I wanna talk about is, why.

Why is this so widespread? Four arrests in one offseason??

I know pot is everywhere in the NFL, but that is almost more reason why stupid crap like this (getting caught) shouldn't actually happen. Isn't there some sort of guidelines set up by veteran pot smokers so this doesn't happen? It was like that in my undergrad. All the upperclassmen pretty much showed the underclassmen how and when so they wouldn't get caught. Where's our veteran pothead leadership? (lol.)

The fact that they are all from the same draft class strikes me as significant. I'm not sure if anybody brought this up yet, but is it possible the shortened offseason resulted in a lack of, or a minimized rookie orientation? Is it possible these kids didn't get a thorough enough "now that you've made it into the NFL, don't be a freakin' idiot" speech? The other thing about this however, is it's only the Lions. Why would the Lions be the only team suffering to this extent given the fact the whole league had the same handicap. Did the Lions FO slack in this regard? Or are you gonna say the FO made bad decisions drafting guys with character concerns. Or is it just a coincidence?

What do you guys think on this?

I'm not really sure how I feel about it. I think 4 arrests on the same team constitutes a problem. I understand there are worse things than weed and many of you (myself included) feel it should be legal, but as Joshsun and Tufflynx have said it really doesn't matter what should and shouldn't be. What matters is what is. It is illegal. An arrest is an arrest. (Also, the fact is, even if weed was legal, the NFL certainly wouldn't give it a big "A-OK" to the players to go ahead and toke up. I doubt their policy would change at all. Though I admit that is somewhat irrelevant as our players problems are [currently] with the law, not the NFL)

As a final note, I know somebody who is... shall we say... not afraid of a little wacky tobaccy, and now likes the Lions a lot more because of this. I wonder if there's money in this type of image?Just look at what happened when the Grateful Dead sponsored that Lithuanian Basketball team. I saw Lithuania basketball shirts everywhere. Don't try to tell me those were true Lithuanian basketball fans. In honor of this I think the Lions should put out some specialized merch.

How about Lions rolling papers? Detroit Lions Lava Lamps. Water pipes with the Lions logo on 'em. Tie -dye Lions Tapestries, Lions Birkenstocks (thanks Home in Cleveland, Heart in Detroit, for that one), Ford Field scented incense, the list is never ending

There's money in this guys! TV deal, nothing. We might be able to solve all our cap issues with this immense merchandising campaign. It might change the tailgate scene a bit, but I think it'd be worth it.

In honor of this new cap fighting campaign, here's my first product:



(Okay so maybe I didn't get the font quite right, but you get the idea)

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