Predictions for this Year.

Hello everybody, this is my first fanpost, and I thought that I might share my predictions going into this season with you all.

This is a very positive outlook, a lot of you might say this is out of reach and that I'm just biased (which is totally true by the way) but I think I really can see this happening.

Week 1: Rams at Lions: W 37-24 - While we come out on top, this game is closer than anybody expected, but we seal the game with a late touchdown. 1-0

Week 2: Lions at 49ers: W 27-19 - I think we will win this game pretty easily, I don't think the 49ers will be anywhere as good this year as last, and we will hold them touchdown-less until about only 1:30 is left in the game. 2-0

Week 3: Lions at Titans: W 17-14 - We will play a close game vs Jim Schwartz's old team, but never really fall behind, as Stafford's two 3rd quarter touchdown passes put us ahead for good. 3-0

Week 4: Vikings at Lions: W 42-20 - Last year we played two very close games against the Vikings, this year they won't be anywhere near as close. Broyles has his first good game finishing with 2 touchdowns. 4-0

Week 5: Bye 4-0

Week 6: Lions at Eagles: L 42-38 - What can I say, the Eagles just plain beat us. While Stafford out-duels Vick, McCoy proves to be the X-factor. 4-1

Week 7: Lions at Bears: W 34-28 - With 50 yards separating us from the endzone with 20 seconds left, Stafford has a great moment in NFL history finding Megatron in the endzone. 5-1

Week 8: Seahawks at Lions: W 31-24 - Matt Flynn proves that his first start vs Detroit was a fluke, playing more like he did in 2010, than on new years day in 2012. 6-1

Week 9: Lions at Jaguars: W 23-13 - While the Jags do have a good defense, there offense is still weak, and the lose a game that is actually pretty close until the end, when Gabbert implodes. 7-1

Week 10: Lions at Vikings: W 34-21 - While its close than the first time, like I said, we let the Vikings play really close games vs us last year, and it won't happen again. 8-1

Week 11: Packer at Lions: L 38-35 - I can't see us beating the packers (yet), although, I do see Green Bay going only 13-3 at the best this year. 8-2

Week 12: Texans at Lions: L 38-28 - Not much to be said here. Our Thanksgiving woes continue as Foster and Tate run all over us, and the Texans much improved defense gets stops when they need to. 8-3

Week 13: Colts at Lions: W 52-10 - We get back to winning as we dismantle the colts, intercepting Luck 5 times, sacking him 7 times, and allowing only 1 touchdown pass. Stafford throws 6 touchdowns and +450 yards. We just dominate. Although, our old friend Drew Stanton gets to play for a little while. 9-3

Week 14: Lions at Packers: L 27-35 -So close, yet so far as another game vs the Packers falls just out of our reach. Despite our best efforts, the Pack sweeps us again this year. 9-4

Week 15: Lions at Cardinals: L 20-23 (O.T.) - Arizona is a tough team this year, they come in first in the NFC west going 9-7. I see them starting Jon Skelton by this point in the year, and what can I say other than I love that guy. 9-5

Week 16: Falcons at Lions: W 36-30 (O.T.) - You guys know how Stafford has a rocket of an arm? Well, he shows it off in overtime in primetime in week 16. 10-5

Week 17: Bears at Lions: W 38-17 - This is our most important game of the season, win and in scenario. We go out and prove who wants it more. We intercept Cutler 4 times, and limit Forte to 37 yards on 19 attempts. Stafford throws 4 touchdowns, and tops off an awesome season. Pretty much a repeat of us vs the Charges, but we do more awesomeness. 11-5

Wildcard Weekend: Lions at Cardinals: W 28-24 - We win this time, intercepting Skelton 3 times, returning 2 for touchdowns. Stafford only has to throw 1 touchdown, but it's the biggest of his career with 32 seconds remaining. 12-5

Divisional Round: Lions at Packers: W 41-31 - We New York Giant the Packers. We come out with explosive plays at the start of the second half and never look back. 13-5

Conference Championship: Lions at Eagles: L 20-27 - All I can really say is that I'm glad we lose, because we aren't ready to win a Superbowl (yet). Vick throws 2 touchdowns, runs one, while Stafford throws 2 touchdowns, but as many costly picks. 13-6

Overall, we have great year, and prove a lot by winning two road playoff games. Stafford has a great year, Calvin doesn't put up as good of stats, but only because of the emergence of Titus and Broyles (not the madden curse), our defense plays great most of the year, and Jahvid Best has a huge comeback year (even wins comeback player of the year), rushing for +1,100 yards, +6 touchdowns, and catching +500 yards, +4 touchdowns.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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