Broyles - Value AND Reach?

I suppose the general consensus on the Broyles pick seems to have been immediate disgust on draft day that has gradually transformed into guarded optimism since. There's been multiple attempts to define a "reach" or a "value" pick as it relates to a player's worthiness to be selected in the position chosen. There were arguments about how Broyles was a wounded and unneeded receiver that could have been grabbed in later rounds. Now, there's buzz that he could be a steal that might make the Lions pass offense all but unstoppable for NFL defenses. But is it possible to have both reached and gotten tremendous value with the same pick?

I think most of us tend to be swayed by the notion that a "reach" is a player chosen inappropriately higher than what most fans, media, and even other teams would have likely rated him. There are always players in the same position that are rated higher. He doesn't even fit the team's most glaring needs either. He's a player that has NEVER been mentioned outside a team's own front office as a potential pick, and he defies all mainstream reasoning while leaving jaws agape when his pick is announced.

"How could they possibly be so stupid?" Fans wonder in accord.

"That's freaking hilarious!" We imagine fans of other teams chiming gleefully among themselves.

"Thanks a lot!" We KNOW is being muttered by the team with the very next pick after ours as they go on to select THE player we were SOOOO excited to see available to us just a few measly minutes before...

And what about a "value" pick? How great is it when that certain player that you don't dare allow yourself to hope for amazingly slides all the way down to your team? Nick Fairley anyone? Perhaps. We still don't know.

If Fairley busts, then he would have been a serious reach even after his fall to 13. If Broyles becomes an all pro slot receiver, he could make Mayhew legendary. Good value. But only time will tell either way.

What we do know is that the Lions see something in both Fairley and Broyles. Sometimes they see what everyone else sees. Sometimes not. And whether they are visionary or hallucinatory remains yet to be seen by the rest of us

Therefor the difference therein is as simple as foresight vs hindsight. Good teams have the foresight to find value where other teams are afraid to reach.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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