Bold predictions (offense)

For my first fanpost I would like to throw out my thoughts for this upcoming season. I will start this post on offense, and do another for defense. I can't even begin to describe my excitement for this years team. I won't try to give a prediction as to what their record will be (that never works out well). However I will go position by position and give my expectations as to how they will perform. Now I will try and be objective, but let's face it, I am a hardcore Lions fan. So (terrible joker imitation) here we go...


There's no denying that this side if the ball is the lions greatest strength. I expect nothing less this year. This unit was unstoppable at times, and it gives me a big 'ol rubbery one thinking about how much better it will be with a consistent running game. All 11 starters return plus two new additions from the draft. The skies the limit for this unit, and they will not disappoint!


Matthew Stafford.... We finally have a QB people! There's not another QB in the league I would rather have. Last year the team was placed upon his strong, durable shoulders and he showed the world of what he's capable. However, this year will be different! My first bold prediction is that Stafford will not put up the numbers he did last year (this year will be more like 4,300 yds and 38 tds) . And that's ok by me, and from what I've read Stafford too. This kid is a true team player and leader, and does not care about stats. All he cares about is the all mighty W. We also have the best backup QB in the league in Hill (who will only see the field in garbage time) and his eventual replacement in Moore. I could go on and on about my man crush on Stafford, but i don't want to be here all night. So I'll just end this segment with a flippidy hut!


This unit was decimated by injuries last year, and honestly the most disappointing part of our offense. We have a great combination of strength and speed in this unit, and on paper they sure do look good! But in reality Best can't stop getting concussions, Smith just can't stay healthy and Leshore is coming off of injury and looking at a league suspension. If this unit stays healthy this year it will be an enormous boost in the ass for the offense, and I believe they will (hence my first bold prediction). My second bold prediction is that we will have a 1,000 yard rusher in Leshore. Even with his looming suspension I still see him with the ability to hit that milestone. Truth be told, I see him more around the 1,200 yard mark. He will have a slow start, but after the bye week, he will find his niche and become our feature back. This will also save Best from having to run between the tackles and be used as he should be, something along the lines of a Sproles. It will be a welcome ability to close out games by eating up time in the 4th quarter.


I was unable to watch the second day of the draft, didn't even know who we drafted until about 11pm that night, and to say I was shocked was an understatement! First place I went to look was here, and man did I laugh. But I needed more info than others knee-jerk reactions, so I did some digging. The more I read, the more I liked our pick. What is the one thing missing in our group of receivers? That's right a slot guy. I don't want to hear "that's Burlesons job" because its not. Well it was, I mean they tried, but the fact of the matter is that's not his strength. Now we have a true (Honolulu) blue slot receiver to complete our group. We have a speedster in young (MAN! Kid needs to get his head out of his ass!). We have a possession guy in Burleson. Then there's that other guy, what's his name.... Oh ya, Calvin Fucking Johnson! (There is no Madden curse) This group will be giving D coordinaters nightmares for the weeks leading up to their matchups with the lions. I truly wanted my bold prediction to be CJ in the MVP voting but decided against it for two reasons; first just to prove that I don't believe in curses, and second, its not that bold! So, my third bold prediction is Broyles will be second in rookie if the year voting. I know our O is stacked with playmakers, and he's coming off an ACL injury, but i see him being an important part of our game plan. If i remember correctly, hasn't the league leader in receptions the last 4-5 years been a white slot receiver who also dominated after an ACL injury? Well, that's all for receivers. I could go on about CJ, but what can I say that we don't already know? And to admit to having two man crushes in my first fanpost might give you the wrong idea like I bat for the other team or something...


I'll keep this short because I don't have a bold prediction for our tightends, this is going on longer than expected and doing this on a phone sucks balls! I'll just say that I love this group. Brandons numbers will decline (not because of his performance), and Tony will come up with some god awful TD celebration.


This group is the red headed step child of our offense. People just can't help themselves from beating it down. I'll start off by saying that I love the Reif pick. I was hoping for another lineman in the draft, like Molk, but it is what it is. And we now have our left tackle of the future! Backus will play all 16+ this year. The weight Sims added will help him in the run game. Dom will be what he is, solid. The right side... ugh. Not loving it! But wait, my next bold prediction is Reif will be our starting RT week 1. Don't really have much to back this one up, just wishful thinking I guess. That just leaves one big ? at RG, but overall I believe this group will be solid. Not outstanding, solid.

Well, that's all I've got for now. Thanx for taking the time! Feel free to rip the shit outta it. The roar has been restored. Fuck Mark Sanchez. And...


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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