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Hi POD, you've got a new member from good old blighty.

Just thought I'll write an introductory fanpast, and try to keep it as short as possible! I got into American football - yes, soccer to you is still football to me - around 4 years ago, and it's now my favourite sport. The spectacle of gameday, the actual play, I love everything about it, minus all those viagra adverts I watch whenever I'm streaming a game! I first started supporting the lions during the 2010 season after having a bit of a love affair with the Chargers (blame it on the bolt on their kit and loving Philip Rivers' trash talking style haha). The rest they say is history. I only found this site a couple of months ago before the draft and it's quickly risen up on my most visited on google chrome whilst bleacherreport has quickly slid down aha.

So a few starter points to hopefully illustrate where I stand

  • Firstly, thanks to all you guys on here, you've got a great community here and (most of the time) is a place for healthy debate and discussion.
  • Secondly, old story and I'm hoping not to open up another can of worms but I was for drafting DeCastro when he dropped to us. The Broyles pick, after a bit of research, could complete our offensive skill position group and I'm excited to see all the new blood in the defensive back seven, especially Travis Lewis and Chris Greenwood.
  • On football stuff, I'm very confident about this coming year. Our weakness to many analysts was our back seven, but with a year together and a full offseason to train together, plus new blood I'm extremely confident we'll be top 15 in pass defence - just look at the first ten weeks of the season when we had a healthy team. I'm especially excited about Greenwood, he has brilliant size for this new breed of wr in the NFL.
  • Jahvid, please stick to passing downs! You can be our own little Darren Sproles and more - last year he averaged 2 recieving yards more per reception than Matt Miller's 'best rb in the NFL'. Leave the running between the tackles to Smith and Leshoure please.
  • After reading Anwar Richardson's article a couple of months back, I really hope James Bryant makes the team. A great story: I reckon him and Leshoure in the backfield could be scary good.
  • My favourite pass play has got to be the fade in the red zone to Calvin. First Aqib Talib then Terrence Newman (though that's not saying too much) got done by it. It works just as well on Madden as well aha.
  • I think we have some create guys in the locker with KVB, Stafford and Megatron, but no one seems to be a Ray Lewis like leader. Someone has to step up and become vocal and get these young guys into line. I don't know how much they could do in docking salaries but in English sports they would have definitely lost a few weeks wages for some of their actions. I say in-house suspensions are needed and they need to be made an example of.

Okay then, I was trying not to make it too long but it seems I rambled a bit! Anything else you want to know just comment or if you want a discussion on anything I'm open, though with me being 5+ hours ahead expect a delay in replying sometimes!

Last but not least, GO LIONS!!

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