Lets be Fairley honest

Ok so I used his name for a headline but my point is, lets be honest.

I wanted to write up a thought a long time ago about a flaw of the F.O. ( YES, a flaw of our Front Office ).

Why would I, simply put, I believe in Mayhew although we should still notice his faults. In my personnel opinion, there is a estranged indifference in value with our current F.O. That being said, how did I come to this.

Fox- Should have been a 1st rounder but his leg injury dropped him multiple rounds. Many thought he would be the heir apprentice to Backus. Maybe he will but his history so far says other wise.

Best- injuries have set him on the side more so then production. We all know, what he is capable on the field. One of the many, if he could just stay healthy or in the game and out of trouble guys.

Fairley - Now I know he dropped. He is an elite talent. But did he not have a injury coming out of college as well as personnel conduct type problems ? Point being, there is a reason he dropped in the draft and again, we drafted a talent who was rated much higher then we drafted. We took a chance again.

Young- He got into it with a player and I will say contributed to a lose. That is the way he played by making those mistakes. All fine and dandy until he did what he did in practice so short ago.

Culbreath - Not sure if he ever had a problem before the draft, I thought he did but I am not sure. Still he got in trouble but I am proud of him for keeping his nose clean since. I will note he was injured a majority this season.

Leshoure - I believe but am not 100% that he had problems as well. I believe this is why he was such a talent and still available. Also he was injured before preseason even happened and had multiple arrests.

Broyles - Should have been drafted higher but his MAJOR injury had him pegged later then where we drafted him.

There is a growing concern on value here IMHO. I hope to be wrong, I am not jumping ship and I am trying to not jump to conclusions here either.

Is it me, or is our F.O. missing why some of these players slipped from time to time. That maybe they stay too true to value and take the risk too early or when they should not or so on and so forth ?I just wanted to say IF there is a weakness of our F.O. it MAYBE this. I know it is still early but I wanted to take a step outside our own view and make one with objections if possible.

If I am wrong then fine, just hopping for a little more then your overreacting and some validity to why I maybe wrong.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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