Fairley the last straw?

I think this last problem with Nick Fairley goes deeper than just this DUI and might be the straw that broke the camels back.

Put your self in the Fords shoes for a minute: First they are in charge of one of the leading manufacturing companies in the world. With that, they deal with very talented people every day. When I say talented people, I mean people that have skill sets that set them apart from most people in the world. If a Mgr at Ford Motor incurred Nick Fairley's issues they would be shown the door. Talented or not. To complicate things even more is that Ford, more than most companies, have a heritage of 'controlling social behavior".

Now, you have another company the Detroit Lions. In that entity you now have the President of the company with a DUI, you have a coach that displayed an improper emotional outbreak on national TV, you have 2 players that have run afoul of the law for drug problems on 2 separate incidents, and a third with an additional drug related problem. Not to mention that all of these incidents have come in a very short time frame. Your team has a reputation of being one of the most immature teams fielded in the NFL, so much so, that I truly believe that I believe they have prompted unwarranted penalties by the referees though out the year.

You have to also believe that somewhere in the recent past, there has been a "come to Jesus" meeting with players and management alike. Something like....guys we have to get our shit together, and any more such action by this team will not be tolerated. Given the recent history of this team you gotta believe this message had been sent loud and clear by management and the Ford's.

Now you got Fairley. A first round draft pick with physical dimensions and skills that separate him form most people on this planet. You have just re emphasis what you believe the conduct level of this team should be, and had it slapped back in your face....again!

My real concern is not SHOULD the Lions mgt send a hard message to this team, my question is what if they don't. What if they let Fairley slide. How the heck are you going to control this young team if there is no real punishment. As all of you mentioned the NFL has hard and fast rules of what you can do and can't do as far as discipline. With that you really are limited to monetary actions.....not that it matters much to a multi-millionaire. You can see that your words alone play no heed not only to Fairley but to your organization as a whole. How do you govern a bunch of grown men with a penchant for destruction?

In addition, if your the Ford's and do nothing, what type of effect would it have on all your companies...Ford Motor in general.

I know Fariley is a first rounder. but if I'm running things he's gone.....gone fast.....gone quick......sent to the worst team or organizations I could find..... a message sent so loud and clear that no other player on this team dare screw up.

I would also send a message to Mayhew. Your golden status is now over. You and you alone are accountable to the types of people you bring in here. You're not are only expected to win (which is you job) but bring in people which at vary least have the ability to learn from there mistakes .

Fairley was a stupid pick. He's a cancer to a young organization in there formidable years. He'll end up being a great player in the NFL, but I hope it will not be with the Detroit Lions

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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