Where the roster stands now (uhm we are over the limit) and salary cap info (updated 5-4)

Yeep my title is correct. I actually took a search check on the site and it stated the following:

The 90-man roster will include active, inactive, practice-squad, exempt and reserve-list players. It also will house unsigned draft choices and franchise free agents, per Aiello.

So in any case here is the list of players and the numbers. Yes I am doing a full blown list to make sure I got everything settled right.

Quarterback: 3

Stafford, Hill, Moore

Running Back: 10

Best, Harrison, Leshoure, Smith, Bell, Williams, Logan, Bryant, Terry, Green

Wide Receiver: 11

Burleson, Hughes, Young, Johnson, Karstetter, Long, Harris, Edwards, Broyles, Oliver, Burrell

Tight End: 6

Pettigrew, Overbay, Scheffler, Heller, Gottlieb, Wells

Center: 3

Raiola, Gerberry, Gandy

Guard: 5

Petterman, Sims, McClendon, Oram, Austin

Offensive Tackle: 8

Cherlius, Fox, Culbreath, Hilliard, Backus, Boyle, Barham, Reiff

Defensive Tackle: 7

Williams, Suh, Fairley, Fluellen, McClam, Cosgrove, Hill

Defensive End: 7

VandenBosch, Jackson, Young, Rankin, Avril, Brown, Chinasa

Linebacker: 11

Houge, Durant, Palmer, Messina, Levy, Lewis, Sneed, Norris, Tulloch, Whitehead, Lewis

Safety: 7

Delmas, Spievey, Wendling, Silva, Weaver, Coleman, Proctor

Corner Back: 9

Berry, Smith, Houston, Carey, Lawrence, Greenwood, Bentley, Lacey, Green

Specialists: 5

Hanson, Dimke, Donahue, Graham, Mulbach

That gives us 46 offensive players and 41 defensive players for a total of 92 players. Hmm I think 2 UDFA's that has been listed early in the week is not who is supposed to be. BTW for those that want to know our cap situation so we can sign some player or two or three here is the current numbers that netrat and myself put together

Current Cap number - $124,766,555

That cap number is 120.6 million plus a 1,364,071 carryover with 1.6 million from Dallas and Washington along with a 1.5 million borrow with a subtraction of 297,116 for Not Likely to be Earned bonus money. Netrat did the cap number calculation.

51 player salary number - $120,480,530

That is the top 51 player salaries starting with C Johnson and ending with Don Carey. Btw for those that do not know that is the how the NFL and NFLPA handles the salary cap.

Cap space remaining - $4,286,025

I should point out that any contract we sign that is over 540,000 will add to the 51 player number but only the amount that is over 540,000. So if we sign a player for say 750,000 it will only impact the cap by 210,000 not the full 750,000. I should also point out that only 3 players are at 540,000. Then it jumps to 600,302 for Fox then 615,000 for 5 players. So there is some space we can sign some more players for base amounts. However the simple thing is we do not have any player positions open right now.

Oh one last item the top 10 cap hit numbers for the Lions as of right now.

  1. Calvin Johnson - $11,531,946
  2. Cliff Avril - $10,605,000
  3. Matthew Stafford - $10,266,250
  4. Ndamukong Suh - $9,703,333
  5. Kyle VandenBosch - $6,730,000
  6. Stephen Tulloch - $5,100,000
  7. Corey Williams - $5,000,000
  8. Chris Houston - $4,000,000
  9. Dominic Raiola - $3,400,000
  10. Jason Hanson - $3,235,000

Well that is it have fun debating the numbers. Opps I guess I should also mention that I put the base salaries for the rookies in the system. So each of those players are going to cost us some money for cap space. I doubt it will be much. Here is some numbers by draft pick on what they earned last year for one last item I swear.

23rd - Danny Watkins (G) 4,271,600 SB

54th - Jaiquawn Jarrett (S) 1,117,000 SB

85th - Jah Reid (OT) 563,240 SB

125th - Taiwan Jones (RB) 405,000 SB

138th - Marcus Cannon (OT) 200,500 SB

148th - Denarius Moore (WR) 190,500 SB

196th - Keith Williams (G) 92,000 SB

223rd - Shane Bannon (FB) 55,000 SB although that was for pick 222nd as Bannon was cut then brought back.

I should point out that all of these draft picks have the first year as the Rookie minimal with only Watkins and Jarrett I believe getting a boost in base salary after the first year. BTW Cam Newtons contract had a 14.518 Signing Bonus with 7,507,498 in base salary over the 4 years. That amount is $5,467,498 above the rookie base of 2,040,000. I should also mention that Stafford's deal was 6 year 72 million with 18.2 million in signing bonus money along with 6 million in incentives. So you can see what a difference is with a rookie wage scale. For this year the rookie salary numbers appear to be the following:

2012 - 390,000

2013 - 480,000

2014 - 570,000

2015 - could be 660,000 if they keep the current rate going.

That is a total of 2.1 million of base salary plus the signing bonus money. I should mention that the rookies are also allowed to re-look at the 4th year for any drafted player that has not been cut however any drafted rookie that is cut and signed to minimal deal or undrafted rookie gets the Restricted Tag on the 4th year so Restricted Free Agents are not dead and gone just fewer will be out after next off season. Okay I am not approaching 900 words so this the final sentence so have fun looking over the info.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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