The Eight Year Window

*This was a response to beachguy113's Fan post, Current State of the Lions...

I started writing a reply, that quickly looked more like a fan post…

Let’s get started.

The NY Giants proved to me that our Detroit Lions are ready to win in the playoffs and get to the big game.

What do I mean by that?

Five things that make a team successful during a NFL season.

1. You have to have a QB that makes your team better. We have that guy in Stafford. Plain in simple.

2. You need to have leadership at all levels of the team. Check.

3. Doesn't matter how you start the season its how you finish. They (the new look Lions) got a taste of what it feels like to have a good year, only to vanish in thin air.

4. Your D Line has to put pressure on the other QB. We have that covered.

5. Just need to get hot going into the playoffs.

The NFC IMO has become way more competitive in recent years. Packers, 49ers, Giants, Saints, Lions, Falcons, Eagles, Bears. Two of these teams will not make the playoffs.

And we play two of those teams in week 16 (Atlanta) and week 17 (Chicago).

So let me transition a quick little story...

Five years ago I made a bet with a friend. He has always hated on the Lions. I told him that they will get at least 8 wins in one of the next five seasons. It was a fools bet on his part but he was confident they would suck and suck for a long time.

First year 2007. They start the year off going to 6 - 2. Looks like my bet is going to pay itself off in the first year...WRONG. They finished 7-9. I told him hey, I look forward to you paying me next year.

Second year 2008. A year all of us will never forget. At this point in time my bet seemed hopeless. This was just after a year where they had one of their 'better' years at 7-9.

Third year 2009. A year in which marked a new regime. A number one overall pick on a QB that had a lot of doubters. Myself included. This year was looking good either. Stafford was taking hits, throwing INTs, etc. But you could see flashes. Then the Cleveland Brown game happened. And that is where things changed. Yet they only finished 2-14. Optimistic but I only have 2 more seasons to get to 8 wins.

Fourth Year 2010. Stafford looks promising. Only to take a huge blow and get knocked out of the first game of they year (which was a WIN in my book). Ohhhh boy.... Not good. His rookie year he was injured. Doubts started to creep in. But quickly vanished. The Lions finish the season with 4 straight W's for a 6-10 record.

Before the fifth year started I told my buddy he can VOID the bet, only, only if he becomes a life long lions fan. I gave him the option because I wanted him to feel the joy I would feel for the upcoming year... Yes it was the last year of my bet but I much like most of us had a good feeling going into last year.

Fifth year 2011. Stafford starts all 16. Throws for over 5k! Only Brees and Brady are next to him. The Lions quick start gave the locker room a much needed psychological edge to the rest of the season. The rest is history... They finish 10-6 and in the playoffs.

Now I am no Nostradamus. So I saw this friend at a recent wedding. I was about to get my first installment of the bet. Here goes the conversation...

I said, no.

He looked at me like, dude I'm going to pay up, you know that.

I said no, I have a proposition for you.

Yeah? What is that?

I will give you a double or nothing bet. Yeah I know I might be crazy. (all our other close buddies listening to this wager). You give me and the Lions eight years to win the Superbowl. Double or nothing.

Wait they have to win the Superbowl or just get to the game?

No. Win.

The bet was made. And if any indication from the previous bet we might have to wait 8 years. By then Matt Stafford will be 32. Calvin Johnson will be in his final year of his contract. It’s going to happen in the next 8 years. Let’s hope we do it in year 1.

The Eight Year Window is now open.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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