Who is next in line to be a first-time Super Bowl Champ?

A story on about which of the teams that has never won a Super Bowl is the next in line to do so. WARNING: This writer has been drinking the Cam Newton kool-aid.

My altered version of the list:

Nothing on the horizon: Same as article

I was tempted to put the Titans under the sleeper category, but I want to see Locker as a full-time starter first.

Sleepers: Bills, Seahawks, Panthers

Bills have assembled some nice talent on the roster, and have shown flashes, as evidenced by their start last year. Seahawks are a quarterback away from being a contender for a wild card spot, the defense is getting better. While the Panthers have a good running game and Cam Newton, they need some more receiving weapons and improvements on defense before they can be considered a legitimate contender.

Knocking on the door: Lions, Chargers, Bengals, Eagles

The Lions took a big step this past season, and I think the playoff experience makes them the most likely out of this group, especially with Stafford, Calvin, Suh, and the influx of talented players that Mayhew continues to add to the roster. I almost took the Chargers out of this group, I think their window is closing, but if they can put together a full 16 game season they can be really dangerous. I love Andy Dalton, A.J Green, and the Bengals defense, and they are doing a good job building talent and should contend for the AFC North this season. The Eagles have all the talent in the world, but let me see Michael Vick stay healthy before I can say they are a serious contender.

Runner up: Falcons

They have made the playoffs in three of the last four seasons, and always seem to be right there in the playoff race. While Matt Ryan has yet to win a playoff game, each year the Falcons have lost to the eventual NFC Super Bowl representative (Cardinals, Packers, Giants). I get the feeling they are close to taking that next step and being a Super Bowl contender, especially after the addition of Asante Samuel on defense and the development of Julio Jones.

Next up: Texans

It is my belief that the Texans would have been the AFC Super Bowl representative this past season if Matt Schaub was the starting quarterback in the playoffs instead of T.J Yates. The defense is nasty, and continues to stockpile players to get after the quarterback with the addition of Whitney Mercilus in the first round of the draft. With maybe the best running back in the game in Arian Foster and a solid passing offense, complemented by that defense, don't be surprised if the Texans appear on the big stage in the next season or two.

What do you think?

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