Most Overrated/Underrated Player?

Well I just read an article written by Joshsun Pete Prisco about who the most overrated player in the NFL was.


Guess who?


Prisco's reasoning after the jump.

I know he has a ton of potential and was a force as a rookie in 2010, but he spent 2011 getting blocked.

He is an ultra-aggressive defensive tackle who uses his ability to get off the ball to drive up the field. But what teams did in 2011 was use that against him. He was trapped a lot. Often guards and centers would just let him rush up the field and take him where his momentum led him -- which was out of the play.

Suh moved from #51 to #38 on NFL network's top 100 in a year that saw an inarguable decline in stats. This could be seen as Suh being overrated by his peers. However, there are a few things that need to be considered.

First of all it was Suh's second season. In other words, in 2010 Suh only played 13 teams. Less than half of the league. In 2011 Suh added 8 more teams to that list. Isn't it possible Suh was actually underrated on the 2010 top 100 simply because not as many of the voting players had played against him?

Secondly, (and at the risk of being a total hypocrite here), I think the very act of calling somebody "overrated" can be used as proof why that person is NOT overrated. Seriously, how can you be overrating a guy when you explicitly say he's overrated? Obviously by calling somebody "overrated" you are saying you rate this player lower.

Secondly, this article by Gregg Rosenthal says that Suh shouldn't even be in the top 100! Here's an excerpt:

This "Top 100" list is full of great players, but it's also full of famous players. Suh is famous. Or notorious. He's talked-about, and he has commercials, so players vote for him. Suh had just four sacks last season. His tackle total was cut almost in half. There's no way he was even the best defensive lineman on his own team, much less one of the elite players in the league.


He simply wasn't a difference maker. And yet his reputation persists.

Rosenthal certainly isn't overrating Suh. And many people around here at POD certainly don't overrate Suh either. (I'm lookin at you, Joshsun. lol) And we can all attest to a lot of respect lost for Suh after the stomp.
Despite my arguments against it above, I do think Suh is a bit overrated, though I don't think I would put him as most overrated in the league. (I know what y'all are thinking, but Prisco actually explains why he doesn't see Tebow as eligible)
Anyway, Prisco did a "most underrated" player as well. He named SF DE Ray McDonald. He also did a "most overrated" and "most underrated" for each team. (He named Tulloch as Detroit's most underrated) and I thought it'd be fun to see what you guys think.

Who do you guys think is the Lions most overrated player and who do you think is the Lions most underrated player?

Overrated: Delmas
Underrated: Hanson

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