Aaron Berry Arrested For Suspicion Of DUI, Other Charges

CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 13: Earl Bennett #80 of the Chicago Bears firghts off Aaron Berry #32 of the Detroit Lions at Soldier Field on November 13, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

The offseason from Hell just keeps getting worse and worse. Detroit Lions cornerback Aaron Berry became the latest player to get in trouble with the law when he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence early Saturday morning, according to WXYZ's Tom Leyden. Berry was also hit with other charges, including causing accidental damage to an unattended vehicle or property, as well as failure to stop and give information to law enforcement.

Here's some information on what exactly happened:

According to a source, Berry was driving near the Hilton Harrisburg Hotel early Saturday morning when the car he was driving struck other parked vehicles.

Berry allegedly exited his car and began to walk away from the scene. A witness followed him and called the police.

Leyden reports that Berry was arrested at 4:45 a.m. Following the arrest, Berry was reportedly uncooperative during the booking process, and he did not submit to a breathalyzer. He is now awaiting arraignment after being released from custody.

Berry is now the fourth Lions player to get in trouble this offseason. Johnny Culbreath, Mikel Leshoure and Nick Fairley were all caught with marijuana earlier this offseason, and Fairley was arrested for driving under the influence at the end of May.

With Berry now being arrested for a DUI-related charge, it's tough to say the Lions don't have a major issue on their hands. A few guys getting in trouble here or there was one thing, but it's clear the players are not getting the message to stay out of trouble. You would think with all of the stuff that has gone on this offseason, Berry would call a cab if he's drunk and needs to go somewhere, but evidently that is just too difficult for him.

With the past incidents, I haven't agreed with the calls to cut players for making a mistake, but we're getting to the point where the Lions have to do something to make a statement. They need to instill a zero-tolerance policy to cut this crap out for good. Not only are these guys putting the franchise in trouble of being hit with fines by getting arrested, but they're showing extremely poor judgment and quite frankly are making the Lions look extremely bad. I don't care if Berry is projected to be a starter; if Martin Mayhew cut him today I'd be more than okay with it.

UPDATE: The Lions and Berry have released statements on this news.

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