Way Too Early Fantasy Football Post

Hi Everybody!

(Should be read in Dr. Nick voice)



Well, I'm about getting fed up with the offseason. Madden isn't doing the job. I'm really close to stealing a fire extinguisher and having my wife spray it at me while I run out of the hallway just to get a taste of the game day experience. My wife is nice enough to dress like a cheerleader every now and then (she then ignores me and refuses to talk to me to make it as real as possible), but I still find myself feeling like Jennifer Connelly in "Requiem For A Dream" willing to do anything for just one fix. (Those last three words make anyone else want to listen to some Ministry? 'Cause I'm about to put some on...)

So, screw the contract talks, screw the talks about arrests, DUI, DWI, Weed, Sucker Punches, legal battles, labor disputes, bounties, concussions, Ryan Tannehill's girl posing for Maxim, (well maybe the last one is okay...) Instead let's talk about FOOTBALL!

Well, sort of...

I want to know what you guys gotta say about this upcoming fantasy football season. Who do you think is gonna be money? Who do you think is gonna go early in drafts and be a huge bust (cough* Chris Johnson cough* Man! I swear I played that bastard every goddam week. What are you gonna do? Bench him? What a jerk.) And most importantly who will be the sleepers?

Please specify what type of scoring if it is applicable (i.e. PPR, etc) and let me know who the heck I should have my eye on draft day. And don't be afraid of IDP either.

I thought Titus was gonna be a great late rounder, but with the addition of Broyles and these attitude issues I wonder if that's still gonna be the case. In fact, I wonder if we might find ourselves in a situation where CJ and Stafford are the only viable fantasy players because of the ball being spread around so much (especially if our run game picks up). Best was a great one last year (for the first few weeks) but I doubt he'll be getting as many carries this year.

What about Trent Richardson? Is Rashard Mendenhall on the way out? Does Antonio Gates still have anything left? What about Marshawn Lynch (my man won me two championships last year) is he a first rounder? Is Cam gonna put up the same kind of numbers? Denarius Thomas or Eric Decker? Do you think people will shy away from CJ because of the curse? Inquiring minds want to know. (Also really lazy minds that don't want to do any research on their own)



Here's mine:

Shonn Greene

I heard Sparano is gonna be going back to the classic ground and pound of the Jets and despite the AMAZING amount of talent they have at the QB position, I think Shonn Greene will get a lot of touches. I'm not expecting Arian Foster numbers, but I bet he will be had in the later rounds and will be a great value, especially in a PPR. Though I admit I'd like to see how their new rookie, Terrence Ganaway, is gonna fit in as it seems they have much of the same skill set.

So... at the risk of giving away secrets to future opponents in the POD fantasy league, what do you guys think?

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