Madden 13 and Franchise Playoffs

Was anyone pissed when you discovered the shorten playoffs in Madden 12?

I hope they corrected this issue in Madden 13. I am really looking forward to the season. Here are my keys to getting back to the playoffs. Nothing earth shattering, but my thoughts as I see it.

Top ten keys

1. The Health of Stafford and Megatron with them on the field we have a chance, Amen.

2. Scotty must use Best and our other Rbs smarter. Please dont run Best up the middle.

3. Lou D. are you for real? he is a free agent next year let's see if he can stay health and not miss tackles. i will be happy with that.

4. IF WR Young becomes a mature WR in his second year, we will be an elite offense. the kid is good just need to keep improving and working hard. more on receivers Nate cannot fumble after long catch and runs. those are killers just killers. he had one against Chicago at Chicago. ugh

5. Continue and improve our Special teams play. we have a sh...t load of DBs and LBS on the roster and their a....s better hustle on sts. DE Lewis the rookie should have a monster year on special teams.

6.One man holds the fortunes of our running game! Raiola is probably the smartest center in the league however that doesnt mean dip sh...t after the ball is snapped. Scotty boy must designs plays to Raiola's strengthens stretch plays were he can cut people rather than try to bull block. Old Raiola is better suited for a zone scheme. and design runs where is responsibilities are more to chip dts and reach the second level. he cannot block anyone one on one.

7. Stamina, our front wore down last season, we must rotate more. I think our boys will be in better shape due to we had a real offseason this year with otas and mini camps.

8. Development of the secnondary, some may rate this higher but just play sound. you are going to give up plays in the NFL but please no bombs. we did an ok job last year except towards the end of the season.

9. Dumb a..., stupid a... penalties. Going offsides is just a lack of discipline. Folks say Kris Kocurek is a good dline coach, well damn it coach up your dlineman to play fast and watch the fricking ball. Bosh is guilty of this as much as anyone.

10. Run defense, Run defense we cannot let bust runs. they kill us. we got trapped to death all fricking year. DONT GET TRAPPED DAMN IT. That how the 49ers won! They trapped Suh to the fricking lions ball boy. Cliff has to squeeze his lanes down.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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