Cutting a player vs. imposing discipline

We have seen a lot of discussions about how the lions have their hands tied with how they cannot discipline their players and how they were able to cut Aaron Berry because of behavior detrimental to the club.

I see a lot of people attributing the cut and inability to discipline a player to the new CBA. I am not sure if this is the right way of looking at it. While many of you won't like the rest of this post, I want to know what you guys feel is happening here.

Berry brandished a weapon and the timing was very bad and this was in top of the leash the team was on after the 6 arrests. Everything pointed to a release after the screwed up. All others including Berry's earlier arrest were substance abuse related where Lions can hide behind the CBA.

I feel what happened was the investment Vs. return+cost game was the decider. The team cannot discipline certain off field transgressions but can cut a player anytime for no reason. The only catch is the amount of guaranteed money they have to shell out for high round picks.

On top of talent and upside, Fairley also had a fully guaranteed $9,889,000 with a $5,690,000 signing bonus. His 2012 cap hit is $2,247,000. No point cutting him or letting him walk with all the money and play elsewhere after producing almost nothing for the team in his one year here.

Similarly with Leshoure, there is a $997,584 signing bonus with about $748,188 remaining to be paid off if cut. In addition to that I am not sure how much of this $3,040,000 is guaranteed. His cap hit this year would be $732,157.

Aaron Berry signed a 3 year $1,218,000 deal with the Lions. I couldn't find the details. But it looks like the cap hit was about $500 because of his cut.

I don't want to include Culbreath's cut here as I strongly feel his cut has nothing to do with his weed related arrest back in Jan.

With all said, it boils down to bad timing by Berry and looks like Lions sending a message after becoming the laughing stock if the league this offseason. But they obviously were not sending any message and it was a glorified PR damage control.

What do y'all think?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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