Sean Jones, Lions Playoff Loss, 7on7 HS football, & Sports Memorabilia

Slow days leading into Training Camp. Some food for thought.

The past few days I have had an inner ear infection. The worst part is the swollen lymphoids. Anyway I have been veggin' out quite a bit. A few things that caught my eye.

I watched the Lions vs Bucs week 1 game via the YouTube. One thing I noticed was how many times Sean Jones splashed in that game. I'm hoping that his play during that week 1 game will translate throughout training camp. While pushing Spievey to improve or maybe take his spot.

Here is a link to the game, it was a fanpost by imbadatxbox. Thanks dude.

Next on the List!

I Dvr'd the Lions vs Saints playoff game. I watched it again for the first time since watching it live. Here are a few things I saw... I'm sure we have talked about it before...

The game was a lot closer than the final score indicated. Sure the Saints put up 45 points. A big reason for the points scored came down to 5 specific plays.

First was the Aaron Berry dropped interception in the end zone. I remember receiving just a mountain of texts from buddies and family telling me how bad Aaron Berry is and was. I defended him of course.

Second was the blown fumble recovery. Much has been said about that. Game changing human error.

Third was the second dropped interception from Berry. And the texts just came piling in after that missed opportunity.

Fourth and Fifth were the two Stafford interceptions. The first was more critical than the second but both gave away two possessions with 7 mins to go in the game when down by multiple scores. The week before in the Green Bay, Stafford ended a game on an interception. I think these plays have stuck with him and will motivate him to be better during those situations.

Last few small things.

I was watching the 7on7 HS football from Nike's HQs in Portland, Oregon. Man these HS'ers are HUGE! The play itself was kind of sloppy but hey they are HS'ers.

Last thing. Do you keep sports memorabilia? Is it in your 'man cave'? What kind of things do you keep?

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