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Hey guys I got a great idea. Things are still a little slow around here so I figured I would start another fan post. First I thought about doing a post on the video where Schwartz explains the time he got flagged for throwing a challenge flag "too angrily" but then I thought back to the "Hate Game" we played last year. This isn't quite that but should be fun nonetheless.

Jump over for more.

I've compiled a list of questions about some of the significant things that have occurred in the NFL. I (think) I know quite a bit about NFL History. All of these questions I could answer if I was asked them, so I didn't just look them up.

WARNING: I know you could easily look these up. I'd like you try it without cheating. I know I can't enforce this but please play fairly.

Just post your answers in the comments section. You can grade yourself/or I can post your grade under your comment. Here is the grading scale:

17-20 answers correct - A

13-16 answers correct - B

9-12 answers correct - C

7-8 answers correct - D

0-6 answers correct - F

Alright. Without further ado, your quiz:

1. Who said "We're gonna win the game. I guarantee it."?

2. Which franchise has won the most Super Bowls?

3. Who invented the 4-3 or"Flex" Defense?

4. How many Super Bowls did the man who the Super Bowl trophy is named after win?

5. What coach holds the record for most career wins?

6. Who holds the record for most consecutive games with a passing touchdown?

7. What two teams played in the famous "Ice Bowl"?

8. What was considered "The Greatest Game Ever Played"?

9. Who was the famous kicker that almost blew the Super Bowl for the undefeated 1972 Dolphins? (won't count off for spelling)

10.Who invented American Football?

11.Who is the galloping ghost?

12.What team did Unitas play for after he left the Colts?

13.Who missed the field goal for the bills in the super bowl against the giants?

14.Who did the first end zone dance and what was the nickname of that player?

15.Who is the last player that played both ways for an entire game?

16.What kicker tore his ACL celebrating a kick?

17.Which two players are tied for second all time in receiving Touchdowns?

18.The "fog bowl" was played between what two teams?

19.Which kicker missed a kick in the 1998 NFC championship game for the first time in years?

20.What substance was banned from the NFL that players used to use to help them catch better/what player is most known for their overuse of this substance?

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