The Odyssey of a Homer

it is an exciting time to be a Lions fan - not since Barry Sanders have we had a bona fide A + grade talent leading the franchise, and now we have them at multiple spots. We can't wait for the season to begin, and put these last two off seasons behind us. Last year , the excitement was dampened by the lock out, and this year... well, let's say we had a bad case of the dingle-Berry's.... but we've wiped the slate clean and we're ready to move forward. I've looked at the roster, and took out some guys for a brief summary. Feel free to add your thoughts as we get ready for another great season.

more after the leap of faith

92 Avril, Cliff DE 6-3 260 26 5 Purdue BEST DE in the league

76 Backus, Jeff T 6-5 305 34 12 Michigan VETERAN LEFT TACKLE may have been a HOF candidate if he had been on better teams while he was young

35 Bentley, Bill CB 5-10 182 23 R Louisiana-Lafayette Like Shalamar said - let the rookie(music) play!

44 Best, Jahvid RB 5-10 199 23 3 California - lightning in a bottle- concussions are a concern but when of the best in the league when healthy

Brown, Everette DE 6-1 256 24 3 Florida State - they didn't know how to use him - we will!

84 Broyles, Ryan WR 5-10 188 24 R Oklahoma - rookie that runs like a vet

40 Bryant, James FB 6-3 257 26 R Louisville - if we keep him, a huge boost to the run game

13 Burleson, Nate WR 6-0 198 - savy playmaker and team leader- we're glad to him

Cherilus, Gosder T 6-7 325 28 5 Boston College - a beast on the o line - might just need to be pushed but his fiestiness is vital on an o line

26 Delmas, Louis S 5-11 202 25 4 Western Michigan - a playmaker in the back seven who lays the wood with the best of them

52 Durant, Justin LB 6-1 240 26 6 Hampton - while healthy he's one of the best

83 Edwards, Patrick WR 5-9 175 23 R Houston - another rookie- I know I'm not supposed to fall in love during camp but the reports are hopeful!

98 Fairley, Nick DT 6-3 291 24 2 Auburn - Unleash the beast - a year in the league makes our DT combo the best

4 Hanson, Jason K 6-0 190 42 21 Washington State HOF kicker - is this the best draft pick in NFL history? not having to worry about one position for 20 years is nice stuff

23 Houston, Chris CB 5-11 178 27 6 Arkansas Houston creates problems for opposing QBs

94 Jackson, Lawrence DE 6-4 271 26 5 USC - square peg leader, and we got the best fit!

81 Johnson, Calvin WR 6-5 236 26 6 Georgia Tech - NSGOAT- new school greatest of all time

54 Levy, DeAndre LB 6-1 238 25 4 Wisconsin - bob n weave with a pick six, I expect we'll see it again this year

11 Logan, Stefan RB 5-6 180 28 4 South Dakota Kick him the damn ball! best returner in the league

66 Peterman, Stephen G 6-4 323 30 8 Louisiana State - has gotten a bad rap and tough love from fans, but this year we see him rise to pro bowl status

87 Pettigrew, Brandon TE 6-5 265 27 4 Oklahoma State - passed on who? for what? the best all around TE in the league..we don't use him like Jimmy

51 Raiola, Dominic C 6-1 295 33 12 Nebraska - a smart team leader, been through the wars now it's time to collect the spoils

71 Reiff, Riley T 6-6 313 23 R Iowa - a possible rookie of the year candidate, gets to learn under team leaders

85 Scheffler, Tony TE 6-5 255 29 7 W. Michigan - best celebrations in NFL since Billy White Shoes.. call him MR TD

39 Silva, Ricardo S 6-3 225 24 1 Hampton - hid him on the practice sqaud a sleeper pick for most improved

67 Sims, Rob G 6-3 312 28 7 Ohio State - finesse adding weight and strength, another guard over looked for pro bowl consideration but makes it this year

27 Smith, Alphonso CB 5-9 190 26 4 Wake Forest - more carletons this year!

30 Smith, Kevin RB 6-1 217 25 5 Central Florida - all around back, the hiatus allowed body to heal from the college career

42 Spievey, Amari S 5-11 195 24 3 Iowa - before the injuries he was looking sharp- I can't wait to see more

9 Stafford, Matthew QB 6-3 232 24 4 Georgia League MVP?

90 Suh, Ndamukong DT 6-4 307 25 3 Nebraska - defensive player of the year

55 Tulloch, Stephen LB 5-11 240 27 7 North Carolina State - leads league in tackles

93 Vanden Bosch, Kyle DE 6-4 278 33 12 Nebraska - scary to play against, this vet leads the way for our d line

29 Wendling, John S 6-1 222 29 6 Wyoming special special teams player, and can do the safety thing

99 Williams, Corey DT 6-4 320 31 9 Arkansas State - would start on every other NFL team and we got him in rotation! sucks to be an opposing offfensive line

16 Young, Titus WR 5-11 174 22 2 Boise State - big plays! he'd be a number one on other squads

79 Young, Willie DE 6-5 251 26 3 North Carolina State - can you believe this depth! Slick Willie has a fan club and he'd start for most teams too

please read with your rosey shade sunglasses on as the font will make more sense

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