Fantasy Football Sleepers-ESPN Ranking Based

Hey pride of detroit people. This is my first post and I appreciate any reaction/criticism. I going to identify some late round sleepers that I believe will bolster your bench, and will be useful as situational starters at the very least. I mentioned the ESPN rankings because my fantasy leagues are all on ESPN, so I figured I would stick to their system. Also, I have noticed that their rankings don't fluctuate too much, unlike other sites. I am identifying late sleepers as players ranked 120 or lower.

Here we go.

RB. Kevin Smith- Yes POD people will know this, but it is still worth mentioning

RB. Ryan Williams, Arizona- Beanie Wells is considered the starter by most, but Ryan Williams has been impressing coaches this offseason. Williams missed last season because of a torn achilles. Wells is still having injury problems, while Williams has been considered fully healthy. Take Williams and you should be able to get a situational starter at the very least because Wells will probably miss games for injuries.

RB. Evan Royster, Washington- No one should really trust Mike Shanahan rushers by using an early round pick, but Royster could be a steal late. Roy Helu is considered just a third down back, while Tim Hightower is still injured. Hightower is considered the starter by most in the organization, but until he is cleared Royster will get the opportunity to start.

RB. Robert Turbin, Seattle- Lynch is clearly the starter, but theres a good chance he could be suspended for a couple games because of his actions off of the field. Turbin is a rookie, but has become the second RB on the depth chart. Once lynch gets his punishment, Turbin will be worth getting late, with the possibility of being starting material in fantasy. Even if you don't start him in fantasy, I feel that you could flip him for a decent trade piece if he has a couple good games early.

WR. Jon Baldwin, Kansas City- Dwayne Bowe is still holding out for a new contract, which will surely hurt his performance during the season. Meanwhile, Baldwin has been impressing the coaching staff during the offseason. His size ( 6' 5" ) will surely make him a great red zone threat at the very least. I see great upside late.

WR. Santana Moss, Washington- Moss struggled last year, but his future for this season seems bright. He has talent, and he finally has a very talented QB throwing to him. Because of the WR signings this year, Moss seems like a forgotten man. I believe you can get his extremely late in your draft, and be very satisfied with the results.

WR. Randall Cobb, Green Bay- Cobb has been one of, if not the most, impressive receiver in the off season for green bay. He offers return yardage points in leagues that include it, and he is bound to become more of a factor on offense. He had a slight breakout at the beginning of last season, but didn't do too much afterwards. He could be worth getting late because of the 2 way ability.

WR. Vincent Brown, San Diego- Malcolm Floyd and Robert Meachem are considered by most to be the starters, but apparently Meachem hasn't been impressive at all for the chargers in the offseason. Floyd has produced WHEN HEALTHY with his opportunities when V Jax was hurt. Brown has been impressive in camp and should be in the starting lineup by the middle of the season at the latest, which drops Meachem to the 3rd spot.

WR. Kendall Wright, Tennessee- Kenny Britt will surely miss some games because of his off the field actions, and we still don't know if he has recovered from his injuries from last year on top of that. The receiving core is a little thin for the titans after Nate Washington and Jared Cook (TE), so the rookie Wright could get plenty of opportunities to shine.

Please let me know what you think of the post. If its helpful, I will continue posting sleepers, bust to avoid, etc.

Thanks for reading.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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