My Prediction of Lions 53 Man Roster


Make- M. Stafford, S. Hill, K. Moore

Cut- R.J Archer

After QB injury issues over the last few years I wouldn’t expect to see the lions do anything risky at QB, even if Stafford was able to play the entire season last year.


Make- K. Smith, M. Leshoure, K. Williams, Free Agent, S. Logan

PUP- J. Best

Cut- J. Bell, S. Green

I actually have Logan getting the last roster spot on the entire team. He is not worth keeping on as a return man anymore which was seen both last year and thus far into the preseason. However, with concerns at RB health and a Logan who can be very versatile he earns his way onto the roster. I also would look for the Lions to pick somebody up in the coming weeks as what they have right now isn’t going to cut it.


Cut- J. Bryant

I really wanted to give Bryant a spot on the team, however the Lions don’t seem to have interest in keeping a TE on the roster.


Make- C. Johnson, N. Burleson, T. Young, R. Broyles, M. Stovall

Cut- P. Edwards, J. Dillard, N. Hughes, W. Miles, D. Curry, L. Long, T. Toliver

P. Edwards could possibly squeeze his way onto the roster here however I don’t expect much else to change. Stovall is a Special team specialist and has great height to add to his worth at 5th WR. Unless somebody starts to show some special ability the remainder of the WR spots should be set.


Make- B. Pettigrew, T. Sheffler, W. Heller

Cut-, A. Wells, A.Gottlieb

There appears to be no battle here. The Lions seem set with their 3 TEs from last season.


Make- J. Backus, G. Cherilus, R. Reiff, C. Hillard, J. Fox

Cut- J. Scott

In my mind this is another very set position for the lions. Fortunately the Lions have nice depth at the tackle spot this season.


Make- R. Sims, S. Peterman,

IR- B. Nagy

Cut- J.McClendon, J.C. Oram, P. Boyle, R. Austin

Ok I will admit, I had never heard of many of the backup Gs we have this preseason, so that made it awfully hard to give any roster spots to any of them.


Make- D. Raiola, D. Gandy

Cut- D. Gerberry

Gerberry from my understanding does have a reasonable shot to make the team with his flexibility to play G, but I have a hard time giving a roster spot to a 3rd C when there are so many players on the defense that The Lions could really use.


Make- N. Suh, C. Williams, N. Fairly, S. Hill, A. Fluellen

Cut -T. Robinson

While the Lions could get out here with Fluellen just fine, He his one of the many guys on the team that can play DT just as easily as DE and the Lions appear to want that flexibility on the D-line this year more than ever.


Make- C. Avril, K. Vanden Bosch, L. Jackson, W. Young, R. Lewis

Cut- E. Brown, U. Chinasa, E. McClam

After keeping these 5 DEs as well as 5 DTs that will leave the Lions with 10 D-lineman all deserving of playing time, expect to see even more rotation on the D-line then we have seen in the past.


Make- S. Tulloch, D. Levy, J. Durant, A. Palmer, T. Whitehead, T. Lewis

Cut- D. Hogue, S. Norris

I really contemplated giving the final roster spot to D. Hogue over previously mentioned S. Logan. Hogue has shown some real potential over the last year or so but the Lions need the depth at LB right here and now.


Make- C. Houston, B. Bentley, A. Smith, J. Lacey, J. Green

PUP- C. Greenwood

Cut- J. Miller, R. Weaver

Not a whole lot for me to say here. Green may not necessarily deserve a roster spot but the Lions already appear to be week at CB and going into the season with only 4 CBs just doesn’t make sense. If Mayhew can find somebody outside of the organization you may see somebody else take up the final spot at CB.


Make- L. Delmas, A. Spievey, J. Wendling, E. Colman

Cut- R. Silva, S. Jones, R. Langford

I personally like Silva a lot, but I don’t believe he as shown enough to beat anybody else out for a spot and I certainly wouldn’t expect to see the Lions go into the season with 5 Safeties.


Make- J. Hanson

Cut- D. Dimke

I don’t believe there is any battle here this season.


Make-R. Donahue

Cut-B. Graham

While this could be a tougher choice, Donahue is young, and looked good last season. Unless Graham really out plays Donahue the next 2 games, I would expect this spot stays this way.


Make- D. Muhlbach

No other options around.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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