The Case for Kellen Moore- One week left

Is there one? Most of us like the kid outside of what he does on the field (which is more than a lot of teams can say about their QB's). Great mind, good command; is he a worthwhile project?

New York is willing to take on the Tebow project. Linehan would probably be willing to take on a Moore project. Would it pay off, or just take up a much needed roster spot?

On the one hand, I'd love for him to stay and develop into a potentially great quarterback, but in the short term that roster spot could be filled by giving another player who's done well a shot. We're probably not anywhere close to the 53rd spot being a make or break for our team. And I also don't agree with the idea that arm strength is permanent; it can be built up like every quarterback who spends time in the league, and with him in particular he's a small guy who's 23 and could still have a bit of filling out to do (a lot of us were skinnier and weaker in our early 20's). If he does play for a team I would bet big bucks he gets stronger (how much it's impossible to tell).

The argument for keeping Moore is that we're not anywhere close to winning a Superbowl outside of incredible luck this year or next. And next year's road to the playoffs (NFC North twice and the NFC East) means realistically we may be playoff caliber and still not make it at all. The earliest I see us being Superbowl or Championship contenders is 2014. Hill's contract will be out and we may need a new backup by then.

Could he be trained as a suitable backup by the time we're ready to take the prime stage?

On the other hand there's plenty of backup QB's who might be better projects. He's had three games of mediocre performance. And with injuries this year, extra depth at corner, safety, or runningback might actually make a huge impact which Moore would likely not have this year if he were kept.

Should he be kept on the final roster? Has he been given a fair chance?

Or do we leave this up to the almighty Schwartzhew to do as they please?

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