A crazy take on the Raiders game

I was most impressed with Terrelle Pryor at QB for the Raiders. To think that this guy, who looked every bit as good as Cam Newton to me out there, went in the 3rd round of the supplemental draft ! I think the whole NFL got it wrong on this guy - he's just an awesome physical talent that throws very well. I always thought that that OSU situation was kinda lame - so the knock against Pryor shouldn't have been so bad.

For the Lions, the specials teams were phenomenally better ! Justin Miller had a great return and played well at corner, and Reshard Langford really laid some wood on one ST tackle. Both of these guys look like they have some talent and physical attributes, and both are players that could help with secondary depth - we need it. However, I do not know if either of these guys make the 53.

Hanson was money. I hope he gets a chance to nail a big kick in a big game this year.

I continue to like how John Wendling and Erik Coleman are playing together at safety - they're making plays on the ball. The Tulloch interception was due to Wendling making a great punch at the ball as the Raiders receiver was trying to catch it - great play. These two are also fairly physical safeties who hit hard and tackle. They always seem to be sound on their assignments. In comparison, I always thought that Delmas' game was mostly trash talkin' - and the dude has been a china doll so far. You do not want your safeties to be china dolls.

I am sick of watching the Lions try and " improve their running game " ! I sincerely hope they just abandon the whole concept and just use their backs as receivers and for extra pass protection. The Lions have the receivers, receiving RBs, and tight ends to play a ball control passing game that can hurt a defense like a strong running game would. I say, if they rush the ball between the tackles more than 10 times a game that's too much.

I have Leshoure on a very short leash. I personally think that eating your stash as the cops are busting you on your second herb possession to be an "offense" worthy of being cut from the team. You can't fix stupid. The dude whiffed on his block and got Stafford mildly hurt yesterday. I am kinda pissed that he got such a long look with the ones - and the dude can't even play the first two games. Those carries with the ones should've gone to K Smooth, Williams, and Bell.

Lance Long played well. You really want to keep " attitude " players like him around. Actually, with a QB like Stafford he has some value as like a 6th receiver. Conversely, Patrick Edwards just has not shown out at all.

My patience with Phonz is wearing thin, however, the guy does have a nose for the ball in coverage.

I honestly don't see Kellen Moore on the 53 anymore.

Can we bottle whatever it is that Willie Young is drinkin' ? - 'cause the guy just makes splash plays every single game.

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