Introducing the 2012 Lions Practice Squad

Here are my choices for the Lions 2012 Practice Squad.

1. Jonte Green CB


He has a lot of raw ability, decent size for a corner, but is just not ready for the NFL. Not even close. The PS will be an ideal spot to get him "coached up" at a position the Lions could use some depth. In the future.

2. Rodney Austin OG


He is 6'4" and 311 pounds and has impressed playing at the Guard position mostly. He has taken some snaps at Center, and may develop into a useful guy. Considering that the Lions will probably only go with the two starting Guards for the roster, he could provide the depth they need at that position. He is one guy that could really use a year of seasoning and strength training as his previous football experience was very limited. Elon College?

3. A Quarterback



No, that is not Kellen Moore. I got in my time machine and got a 21 year old John Elway. He should be a decent back up to Stafford for the next ten years or so. I am not convinced don't believe that the Lions will keep Moore on as a development project. I think Mayhew will find a QB that has been recently cut who is more athletic and may be a better candidate for development as an NFL QB. Go ahead....hate me.

4. Carmen Messina LB



I was a little torn on this one. While he has played very well for the Lions in the preseason, I don't see much of a fit for him with seven guys ahead of him. Five young guys and a guy signed to long term. He seems strictly an inside LB, but he may have some special teams ability and the Lion coaches may see more upside than I do. I'll put him here because he earned it.

5. Ricardo Silva S



I am pretty sure that Ricardo is still eligible for the practice squad, after spending most of last year on it and just four games on the Lions 53 man roster. It is possible that Silva actually makes the 53 man roster, ahead of Amari Spievey, but I doubt it. I don't see a huge upside with Silva but I believe he has the makings of a quality depth Safety and a very good coverage player on special teams. They may want to park him here because of the injury history of our other Safeties.

6. A Wide Receiver


Uh-huh, that is Jerry Rice in his heyday. via

Yeah, again I don't think the Lions keep any that they currently have. I think they will beat the bushes and cuts from other teams to pick out someone who may be raw and who they think has a lot of upside. I think they particularly want a big WR to complement Calvin. They will keep Nate Hughes' number on speed dial if any of our main four WRs gets injured early on.

7. A defensive Lineman

Could be a Tackle or could be an End. I think this is another spot that will go to someone they find on the waiver wire. I don't see our guys as being all that promising.

8. A Running Back

Could be a fullback, or could be a halfback. Again, this would be a player that the Lions felt had some promise but needed time to hone his skill set. Particularly, they may look to work on his blocking and pass catching and special teams skills. This could be a Tight End as well.

When I look over my list I see that I have four spots going to players that they know very little about. That seems a little unrealistic as it seems that one of the goals of the pracitice squad is just to have bodies to fill out practices with the full roster. There it is. Any comments or questions will be happily answered. GO LIONS!!

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