No, Chris Houston Didn't Talk Trash About Randy Moss On Monday

This week's game between the Detroit Lions and San Francisco 49ers has no shortage of storylines. Between the handshake incident, Anthony Davis' post-game tweets last year and the fact that Sunday's game will be nationally televised, there's already a lot to talk about when it comes to this matchup.

On Monday, it looked like there might be another storyline to add to the list: Lions cornerback Chris Houston talking trash about 49ers wide receiver Randy Moss. This story started to blow up on Monday afternoon based on the following tweet:

Sounds juicy, right? Well, it does based simply on that tweet, which provided no context around what Houston said and inaccurately portrayed his comments. Houston got word of this being blown out of proportion and sent out his own tweet on Monday night.

MLive's Justin Rogers posted the transcript of Houston's media session, which cleared up what Houston was talking about when asked about Moss. The first mention of Moss came when Houston was asked if he watched Sunday's 49ers game against the Green Bay Packers. This was his response:

"Oh definitely. Randy, man, I think he had a touchdown play. He wasn't taken the top off the field like he normally does. Crabtree made some great catches, but Frank Gore made some crucial runs. That's the main guy we're going to have to stop because we know their offense goes through him."

Nowhere did Houston say that he doesn't think Moss can take the top off a defense. All Houston was saying is that Moss wasn't doing that on Sunday against the Packers. Houston further discussed Moss when he was asked about what Moss is "at this stage of his career." Houston's response, which specifically says that Moss can still take the top off a defense, can be seen below.

"He's a smart receiver. Possession guy. He can still take the top off the end, but most defenses are going to play him to where, don't let him beat you deep, let him catch a little curl. He didn't make his name Moss by catching curls. He made his name by going up and getting the ball. If you don't let him do that, keep it conservative, then that's how teams are going to play him. That's how Green Bay played him a lot, too."

That was by no means even "a little smack." In fact, from my view, Houston talked up Moss more than anything. Houston certainly didn't send any trash talk Moss' way, and there certainly wasn't a story here.

Again, there is no shortage of storylines for Sunday's game, but this isn't one of them.

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