Hang with a Norseman.

Heya Pride of Detroit! I've got to say that right now I as a Vike fan am a bit perplexed at how the NFL is going right now. What on earth is going on where Detroit and the Pack are both below Chicago and Minnesota? How unbelievable are these refs? This week was a doozy at first I was like wow five time outs, crap for the Vikes then I heard about Detroits lovelty bit or crazy, and finally last night with Green Bay... Wow that has to be the last straw. But hey we aren't here to talk about the refs but about this coming weekend and a battle royal between our two teams.

So I don't think anyone thought we'd be 2-1 be beating San Fran and losing to the Colt's and I'm sure no one thought detroit woudl be 1-2 losing to the Titans. So I have a couple of questions for you and hopefully can answer any questions you all might have as well. I think last year we had the most rec's on a fan post ever, let's see if we can get that happening again!!!

First, what's up with Stafford? He'd my fantasy QB on two of my teams and damnit.. Is he hurt or is he injured? and why are you trying to run the ball? Nothing against it the Vikes are big proponents of it, but you guys seem to be shooting yourself in the foot a bit with it. Caveat to this question what's up with Megatron?

Second, is your secondary that bad? Giving up 41 to Locker is impressive, I mean I thought he was the QB to pick coming out of college, but I really thought you had a better front seven than this. Last year I remember you pressuring the QB a lot, where is that this year? Also, how much are you blitzing this year? Ponder has been pretty good in the pocket but blitzing him unravels him a bit.

Third, LeShoure how good is he? Should I be starting him on my fantasy team? (I already am, and picking up Shaun Hill just in case). O

Fourth, honestly when this season started I really thought we'd be lucking to be 2-2 through the first four games. Honestly I still think that. However, beating the 9'rs has givin me a bit more hope and honestly your playing hasn't been as solid as I thought it would have been this year. So, what do you all think your chances are this weekend?

Personally before last week I had us losing this game 35-21

Now I think we have a chance to win at 21-24 as we'll keep the ball as long as we can and try and slow your offense down that way.

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