regular what?

It was an entertaining ride watching the replacement refs' experience in "The League." From my perspective, it looked like some were struggling, and players/coaches were taking advantage of it. Could their enforcement of the rules helped fuel the Lions rough start? If there's been more downfield contact that wasn't called, is this one of the culprits for missed timing of the offense... but I digress-

The NFL has claimed player safety and fiscal responsibility over these past couple of years. There's a big lawsuit, the players' lock out, the refs' lockout and rising ticket prices but some talk of an increased emphasis on fan experience at the game. Free Wi-Fi at my seat?!?! woohooo .. but I digress

is there still a jump? (first fan post in on new sight - from preview looked like jump is gone)

Two thoughts crossed my mind regarding this referee lock out- and why it may have ended

1 The gamblers, both local and international helped end the lock out. That was a big money swing, and while I am sure the NFL tries to keep a good distance from gambling associations, people with money travel in the same circles. Debartolo owned a casino (maybe still does) and his sister owns an NFL team. Not saying every owner has a sibling in casinos, but it wouldn't surprise me if Steve Wynn knows Jerry Jones for example...

2 another lawsuit coming? DHB (raider's wr) took a huge unpenalized shot last game that has subsequently been fined. Just as the concussion case, could he sue because the NFL knew the replacements were in over their heads? How about any player that got injured from an illegal shot so far this season? Just from watching the games, it looked like there was a higher amount of after play pushing and shoving, and at times it looked like the refs barely had control (and respect) of players/coaches on the field. isn't it on the owner's of the business to create a safe working environment?

I might be a bit out there, but I've never liked the way the NFL handles the refs so secretively, and especially in defense of bad calls. Even the call that got this thing settled was defended by following the reasoning of the ruling, which doesn't totally admit to be wrong.. IMO. Then there's the fact that regular refs blow calls all of the time, or how and when or why they decide to call holding (something people say happens on every NFL play). We've never known how well a game has been officiated, or even if there's admission that some games on a given weekend may have had a poor performance by the officials (for whatever reason). I know you have to protect the refs to an extent but it has just always bothered me.

A thing about the replacement refs was it did feel a little wild west type of football, and you didn't know when a bad call was going to be made. With the regular refs back, I'm sure we can go back to the days where the bad call only went against the Lions...again...and again.....well minus last year's obvious non call face mask against the Vikings to seal the win. - are we ready for this weekend?

Go refs.. yea NFL- that was great foresight with another PR mess. The owners' leadership can't have successful negotiations with their partners and keep their 9 billion dollar business behind closed doors. I'm just waiting til the PED scandal breaks and we see more hypocrisy to come.

I'm looking forward to a focused performance against the Vikings. Let's go Lions, the season is young

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