Some Final Predictions

I always have fun whenever I try to make predictions about football, so, I figured this is my last chance to do it before the regular season starts.

First off, what I think the stats will look like.


Stafford - 62% completion, 4600 yards, 37 tds, 10 ints.


Leshoure - 200 carries, 750 yards, 8 tds.

Smith - 75 carries, 300 yards, 3 tds.

Best - 50 carries, 250 yards, 2 tds.


Johnson - 75 catches, 1200 yards, 8 tds.

Young - 70 catches, 950 yards, 7 tds.

Pettigrew - 65 catches, 700 yards, 5 tds.

Burleson - 50 catches, 725, 4 tds.

Broyles - 35 catches, 525 yards, 5 tds.

Scheffler - 25 catches, 300 yards, 6 tds.

Best - 15 catches, 200 yards, 2 tds.


Tulloch - 115 tackles, 2 sacks, 2 ints.

Levy - 95 tackles, 1 sack, 1 int.

Durant - 75 tackles, 1 sack.

Suh - 65 tackles, 8 sacks.

Houston - 60 tackles, 4 ints.

Delmas - 60 tackles, 2 ints.

Erik Coleman - 55 tackles, 1 int.

Avril - 55 tackles, 11 sacks.

Vanden Bosch - 50 tackles, 5 sacks.

Willie Young - 45 tackles, 7 sacks.

Drayton Florence - 35 tackles, 3 ints.

Bill Bentley - 35 tackles, 4 ints.

Jacob Lacey - 30 tackles, 2 ints.

Lawrence Jackson - 30 tackles, 6 sacks.

That's about it, there'll be other guys with defensive stats, but I did plenty of guys here.


Week 1 - Rams at Lions, W (1,0)

Week 2 - Lions at 49ers, W (2,0)

Week 3 - Lions at Titans, W (3,0)

Week 4 - Vikings at Lions, W (4,0)

Week 5 - Bye, (4,0)

Week 6 - Lions at Eagles, L (4,1)

Week 7 - Lions at Bears, W (5,1)

Week 8 - Seahawks at Lions, W (6,1)

Week 9 - Lions at Jaguars, W (7,1)

Week 10 - Lions at Vikings, W (8,1)

Week 11 - Packers at Lions, L (8,2)

Week 12 - Texans at Lions, L (8,3)

Week 13 - Colts at Lions, W (9,3)

Week 14 - Lions at Packers, L (9,4)

Week 15 - Lions at Cardinals, L (9,5)

Week 16 - Falcons at Lions, W (10,5)

Week 17 - Bears at Lions, W (11,5)

Lions make the playoffs as a 5th seed. Detroit beats Atlanta in the Wildcard round, then moves onto Green Bay and play just like the Giants did last year. Unfortunately, the Lions lose to New Orleans in the Championship game, but the 2 playoff wins are a huge confidence booster for what will hopefully be a Superbowl run next year.

In the Superbowl, New Orleans will be playing for redemption against the Ravens. The Saints will take a lead going into the 4th quarter, but Flacco will lead a game winning drive very similar to the Sunday Night Football game winning drive against the Steelers last year. The final score will be along the lines of 34-31, and Ray Rice will be crowned MVP, with +100 yards running and 2 touchdowns.

I hope these predictions don't seem too absurd, thanks for reading.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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