Detroit Lions Predictions: Rookie Of The Year

ALLEN PARK, MI - MAY 12: Dwight Bentley #28 of the Detroit Lions does a drill during a rookie mini camp at the Detroit Lions Headquarters and Training Facility on May 12, 2012 in Allen Park, Michigan. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

We have arrived at our final category in our series of Detroit Lions predictions for 2012. This category features who Pride Of Detroit's writers expect to be the Lions' rookie of the year in 2012. The interesting dynamic with this particular category is that you could technically consider Mikel Leshoure a rookie since he missed all of last year. I didn't even think about that until after the votes were cast, but it is something to keep in mind.

Let's take a look at the predictions:

Packey: CB Bill Bentley

He's the only true rookie who is expected to have any kind of immediate impact this season.

Sean Yuille: CB Bill Bentley

Out of all the Lions' rookies, only Bill Bentley and Ryan Broyles will really get enough meaningful playing time to even be considered for rookie of the year (barring any injuries). Considering Bentley is projected to open the season as a starter, I think he will do the most out of all the rookies in 2012 and ultimately come away with this award.

TuffLynx: WR Ryan Broyles

This one is a bit tough for me. There are several rookies that could end up being excellent contributors to the team. The obvious favorite would be Riley Reiff. He was the first-round draft pick, and he has looked pretty good in camp. The problem is that there are at least two other rookies that have the opportunity to make big contributions: Bill Bentley and Ryan Broyles. I am going to go with a dark horse pick on this one and choose Ryan Broyles. I feel that he is going to be a major contributor in his rookie season and make a significant difference in the ability of the Lions' offense to move the chains and sustain long drives.

simscity: CB Bill Bentley

It's gotta be Bill Bentley, if for no other reason than he will be the rookie who sees the field the most. Riley Reiff isn't likely to break the starting lineup this year unless the Lions suffer an injury, and the only other rookie expected to contribute is Ryan Broyles, who will be overshadowed by both Calvin Johnson and Titus Young. Bentley will likely struggle a bit, but he is absolutely essential to this thin secondary.

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