The idea(L offseason):

It's safe to say the next 355 days (hopefully more) are going to be a make or break for Martin Mayhew, as well as the entire coaching staff. This season has caused a lot of fans to panic and look for a scapegoat. Fire everyone! Have we all forgotten the last ten years!?

Ask yourself, what teams in this league have an identity? Certainly not the ones that changed coaches last year, or the year before. Coach recycling is getting outrageous and doesn't help your team!!! Anyone notice who was the Bears DC last year when they had one of the most impressive defenses in the last decade...oh yeah, our trash. Don't panic, get excited, this offseason is going to be awesome.

If you are an optimist like me you'd think this is what the Lions front office has been waiting for: 30+ free agents (yes it's a good thing, not soo many contracts that you're stuck with!) , a draft heavy in the areas you are short, an exciting core of a team to build from, and the continuity of a coaching staff.

This is my dream scenario for the Lions offseason (for now):

Sign: Kassim Osgood, Gosder Cherilus, LoJack, Will Heller (1 year) Sammie Hill (3 years at least), Durant/Levy (2 years), Florence/Lacey/Houston (1 year deals, the guys off the street in our secondary show you can't have enough depth back there), Delmas (2 year), Silva, Bell (PLEASE lock Joique up now!), Willie Young, Jason Fox

As for the rest of the Free agents...yeah, not so much.

SUH: Trade him either this offseason or next. What does Suh mean to you? Drama, on the field and off. Ego, he thinks he's better than the team. In the NFL it's all about the team, not about you. The simple fact that he points to the back of his jersey is enough for me to not want him on my team. The greatest player in the game is on our team (Megatron) and he would never point to his name...Even in the last game of the season he combined for a sack with someone (KVB I think) and raised his hand right away. Also, sources have said he wants to "pull a Lebron" and sign somewhere else after this contract is up. IF that is the case, get something for him while you can!

2013 NFL Draft: 1st pick: DE (DaMontre Moore?) 2nd pick: OL (Barrett Jones?) 3rd pick: S (Robert Lester? Baccari Rambo?) 4th pick: RB (speed back-Barner?) 5th pick: CB (Commings?) rest of the picks depending on compensatory picks OL/DL maybe even K (Dustin Hopkins from F. St) or QB Rodgers in 7th round to replace Hill as backup.

There are always uncertainties in the draft. This draft has one certainty, it being a lot of OL/DL/DB depth. Yes, please, and thanks, we'll take a little of each.

Thanks, I needed to get all that off my chest. Stay tuned and don't lose hope just yet.

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