Playoff Predictions: Wildcard Edition

I know that this season has been a huge letdown, and that most of us expected to be excited about a Lions game this weekend (next weekend?), but that doesn't mean we can't look forward to the playoffs and make some predictions for the most important part of the NFL season. Here are my picks/predictions, share yours in the comments if you like.

Bengals @ Texans (4:30 on NBC)

A rematch of last years wildcard game. Last year, the Bengals hung in until the end of the first half, but J.J. Watt's pick six really put the game out of reach (if I recall right). I can see the game going the same way this time, Bengals may even have the lead early, and though they are a hot team right now, and Houston is on a losing streak, I think that Houston is simply the better team, and the Bengals really just don't have a chance. Close game until Dalton starts throwing picks in the 3rd. Much like Bengals vs Ravens in week 1.

Texans, 37-17

Vikings @ Packers (8:00 on NBC)

I was really surprised to see Minnesota not only win last week, but score more than 14 points. It was the most important game of Christian Ponders career, and he threw 3 touchdowns. I never saw that coming. Really, the only thing that I think gave the Vikings a chance last week was playing at home, and unfortunately for the Vikings, this is played at Lambeau Field, and I can't see them winning this one. Peterson keeps them in it for maybe 2 quarters, but he won't be enough once the Packers start scoring and pull away.

Packers, 45-21

Colts @ Ravens (1:00 on CBS)

I would have taken the Colts if not for Ray Lewis' announcement that he will retire after the season today. Andrew Luck has been good, but there's no way Ray Lewis is losing his last home game. Joe Flacco may suck, but Andrew Lucks four picks will set the Ravens up for 4 field goals, plus Ray Rice gets into the endzone once.

Ravens, 19-7

Seahawks @ Redskins (4:30 on Fox)

What's the one thing RG3 doesn't have that Russel Wilson does? A very good defense. I think that since coming back from his injury, RG3 has looked hobbled, and I don't see the Redskins beating the team that scored 150 in 3 games. Richard Sherman has played great recently, and if Marshawn Lynch isn't running the ball, it's Russel Wilson playing about as good of football as a quarterback can. The Seahawks only regret this year is losing to us, which would have given them home field advantage in a playoff game (I kind of regret that too, I'd rather pick at 3).

Seahawks, 27-14

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