Green Bay Packers to release Charles Woodson?

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

If the Green Bay Packers release safety Charles Woodson, should the Detroit Lions take a look at signing him?

With safety Charles Woodson set to make $10 million next season, there is a lot of thought that the Green Bay Packers will release him this offseason. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Bob McGinn actually went as far as saying that the Packers "would be out of their minds" to keep Woodson with his current contract. He also said that even if Woodson would be willing to take a pay cut, the Packers should upgrade the position.

Why am I mentioning this? There are two main reasons. For one, Woodson has tormented the Detroit Lions since joining the Packers, and even though his play may be declining, it'd be nice for the Lions to not have to worry about playing him in the division. The second reason is that he could be someone the Lions pursue if he becomes a free agent.

It's no secret the Lions are in need of help in their secondary, especially at safety. Louis Delmas and Amari Spievey are both free agents, and given their injury issues in the past, you can't really rely on either to stay healthy. Even if both return, there is a definite need for more talent and depth at safety, and Woodson fits the mold of a veteran who could come in and help mentor the younger defensive backs on the team. Just ask Aaron Rodgers, who had this to say about the idea of the Packers releasing Woodson:

"I know he is under contract and that he is an important part of our football team," Rodgers said about Woodson. "I think he adds a lot. He is still playing at a really high level. He’s very intelligent and sets a good example in preparation. He’s always watching film. He did a great job, especially, with guys like Sam Shields and Tramon (Williams), a couple of years back. He kind of took them under his wing. Now Tramon is carrying on that tradition. . . . Having his presence around the locker room really helps, setting an example for the young guys. It helps me out, as far as being the leader."

If Woodson is released and doesn't re-sign with Green Bay, I'd imagine he would want to go to a contender since his career is winding down. Given what the Lions did last season, I wouldn't put them in that category by any means. Even so, perhaps Woodson would consider returning to Michigan to finish out his career. If they could get him at an affordable rate, I think Woodson would be a good addition for 2013.

For more on Woodson's situation, check out Acme Packing Company.

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