Keep one, cut one, trade one

I'm sitting here bored on a Saturday night and I came up with an idea that I thought would be an interesting exercise for most of you Lions fans. I'm sure at one point in your life you've heard of the "fuck one, marry one, kill one" game, correct? If not, here's a one sentence summary: You pick three girls of relatively equal looks and decide which one you'd kill, which one you'd marry, and which one you would bang.

Anyways, so I was bored and thought of the three players who are, more or less, the faces of the Lions franchise. Those three would be Stafford, Suh, and Megatron. Now it's time to put your GM hats on and answer the questions.

Which Lion do you keep? Which one do you cut? Which one do you trade?

Before I give my answer, I'd like to offer a few guidelines:
-Don't worry about the salary. While they are all well paid as it is, this is just about judging about the caliber of the player and the scarcity of the position that they play.
-Imagine you are starting a team from scratch and these are your only 3 players.

Now to my decisions:

Keep: Stafford. While it's arguable he's the worst of the 3, if the NFL has taught us anything over the last decade it's that you NEED a Franchise QB to not be just a playoff team but a SB contender. Sure, he's had only one truly great year out of 4, but his first year was a rookie year that was filled with a bunch of bums and his 2nd year barely got going before he went down. Plus, he's only going to be 25 starting the season next year. Really? Yes, really. I know people still have their doubts about Matt and think he's only a stat padder, but I know half the league would trade for him this minute and would have their playoff chances take a significant increase with him. When you got a young franchise QB you don't let him go and I think for the most part this will be the one everyone agrees on.

Cut: This is tough, but I'm gonna say Megatron. I don't know how you could justify trading the top receiver in the league aside from the fact that we've seen great receivers on teams with poor QBs before and their team hasn't done shit (hello, Larry Fitzgerald post-Warner retirement; nice to see you come in, Reggie Wayne with Curtis Painter/Kerry Collins/Dan Orlovsky trio throwing to you). Plus, it's one of the more expendable positions. I'm not trying to diminish Calvin. A lot of Staffords success can be attributed to Calvin being the great player he is. However, top WR's don't lead teams to playoff berths and stud DT's are hard to find.

Trade: Obviously by the process of elimination, it's Suh. For as much criticism as Suh's gotten, he's had 2 seasons with 8+ sacks and that's with the presence of double teams since his rookie year. Plus a top pass rush DT is much less common and much more valuable than a top WR. As much of a headcase as he's been, he would catch a haul compared to Megatron.

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