Is it April yet Mocksurbation

This time of the year what the world truly needs is another mock draft! I couldn't find a football fan psychic with any "facts" so you'll have to rely on my guesses ala mocksurbation!

Round 1:

Bjoern Werner DE FSU

I really wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't even make it to 5 tho. The kids the safest bet in the draft and should have tremendous ceiling. Instant starter, np

alternates: Ansah DE (I think his combine is going to wake up a lot of FO), Fisher OT (ditto)

Round 2:

Logan Ryan, CB Rutgers

Here's the shutdown corner we've been waiting for! His solid physicality, instincts, and ball skills will likely have him going in the first but if he's available he's a Lion.

alternates: Rhodes CB (one of these should be 1st round talent CB is going to drop! How about FSU becomes this years college fetish of choice replacing OK), Reid S (dreaming...), Cooper OG (not uncommon for surefire 1st round talent G to slip to top of 2nd)

Round 3:

Tank Carradine, DE LSU

Yup! LSU replaces OK as this years college fetish of choice. Big difference is we'll end up with 3 (eventual) first year starters! Ok so the obvious situation is these ends aren't exactly ideal specimens for the Wide 9. Given the talent level and number of snaps not pushing the outside I think they'll scheme accordingly. This can give Young some snaps to go wide if they so desire. It might also get LoJack (he's staying..) back to the left side, in rotation, where he's much better.

alternate: Duke Williams S (his speed and skills are going to elevate him much higher than many are mocksurbating) Trufant CB (I'm probably being a bit too myopic in what positions considering the talent...) Ertz TE (ok there's a change of position!)

Round 4: (I'm going to assume the guess of 4th rounder

Duke Williams S Nev

Ok, so I had him as an alternate above but he really falls to the end of the 4th! Not likely... Really solid talent here with the closing speed we need (and have been lacking) combined with the ability to lay out the smack that we crave.

Round 5:

Brad Wing P LSU

damn skippy we're taking a punter, this punter! They want to make an impact move for the team? This is it! You just need to overlook some of his partying ways... they will.

Round 6:

Oscar Johnson OG LA Tech

Big body that can move reasonably well. Beats me..

Round 7:

Some guys...

So there you have it! As near as I can tell this is around 92.7% accurate to what will happen. If 100% of this falls into the 7.3% bracket don't blame me. That's just part of the risk of mocksurbating.... along with going blind.

So who do you think about when you mocksurbate?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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