Some quick, but key Lions' advanced statistics through Week 4

Most of these are from Pro Football Focus. They should give a small window into some of the strengths and weaknesses of the Lions this season.

No QB has got rid of the ball as quickly as Stafford. Average time to throw of 2.24 seconds. 2nd P.Manning (2.35) & 3rd Rivers (2.39).

This is the reason why Matthew Stafford has been efficient this season. He's taking fewer sacks than ever before and has a lower number of turnovers thus far because the ball is out so fast. However, it could also be the source of a big problem he is having or masking that big problem up (the jury is still out on that)....

Stafford's quick throws have also made the Lions' offensive line look great in pass protection, much better than they may be if they had a quarterback that had an average time to throw of about 3 seconds or so. As seen in Week 3, the offensive line gave up one sack on Stafford, but they also gave up 9 more QB hits. That's not the best pass pro in anyone's book, but Stafford has continually helped them out (in regard to week 3).

From : Matthew Stafford had the 3rd fewest passing yards in the air in Week 4 (101). The other 141 came after the catch.

This is for the fans on POD that keep writing that they think Stafford is throwing the ball down the field well lol. He's not, the pass-catchers have been making the plays for him & the coaches thus far.

Louis Delmas is rated by PFF as the 5th-best safety in football. His numbers are obscene


Kyle Meinke ‏@kmeinke1h
The Lions, by the way, have both of the NFC North's highest-rated safeties:

Sonic boom.

Kyle Meinke ‏@kmeinke19h
Reggie Bush now has broken 15 tackles, which is 4th among tailbacks despite missing 2nd half against Arizona and all of Washington



The Lions placed 2 tailbacks among the top 10 in broken tackles, with Reggie Bush at 4th and Joique Bell at 9th.

A lethal 1-2 combo.

A couple interesting numbers from Sunday course of @PFF: Dominic Raiola did not allow a pressure on his 37 snaps in pass pro

This is a huge improvement in pass protection from Dom Raiola. He seems to really want that championship belt he had made for the best Lions offensive linemen for each week of the season. Raiola has been good on many run blocks this year & great on screen pass blocks.

Here's a link to PFF's Lions vs. Bears, Week 4 recap. You'll notice a few things from this as well:

Stafford completed just four of the 11 passes he attempted that traveled at least ten yards downfield in the air.

Again this is for the fans that haven't noticed Stafford's passing down-field issues.

While he didn’t play brilliantly by any stretch of the imagination, right tackle Jordan Mills(-5.0) held his own as a pass rusher for much of the game. And then we come to the fourth quarter, where the combination of Willie Young and Israel Idonije took him to task to the tune of six hurries and a holding penalty.

Go Willie and Izzy! The refs should have called about 10 more holding penalties in total on the Bears during this game. But, I'm sure the Lions will take what they got.

Continuing his impressive start to the year, defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh (+5.7) turned in his best, and most complete, game of the year so far on Sunday.

Dominant. DPOY!

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