Hard Knocks PR Goldmine?

Although there are plenty of drawbacks associated with the Hard Knocks program, it appears as though the NFL is set to make it into a fixture on the calendar

Say what you will about it however as much I would like to see it thrust upon another team preferably one with a few big problems. The team it could potentially benefit the most would be none other than our own Detroit lions.

I very much doubt I am alone when thinking that the general army of armchair pundits and sports bar jocks regard the Detroit Lions as 2 things, a dirty team filled with nasty individuals led by one named Suh and a team that has some potential and never lives up to its on hype ala Tony Dungy’s same old lions comment. Know I that the whole mantra of just ignore a bully is the best way to deal with these sort of things, however perhaps it is just paranoia or (more likely I think) a reaction the this it feels like the NFL staff both the referees and the commissar have came down on us rather sternly this year calling ticky tacky penalties and letting opponents away with them and it’s at this point when it affects the on the field play that something needs to be done and Hard Knock’s may be just the way to do it and as follows the possible advantages .

Suh: I will start with the biggie so to speak we have all noticed Suh being demonized by the media these last few years (without merit in two years) anyone who follows what Suh does off the field knows that he is really a rather stand-up guy but sadly the days of people playing like dominate monsters on the field and still being treated like humans off it is over. This should get people talking about him in a much better light which would lead to less media bias and less interest to flame to poor guy which will in the end lead to him getting a fair stick out there.

The Romantic swan song- Sounds rather femine I know but we have on this team a few long time players who are heading into the sunset of their careers Shaun Hill, Raiola, Burelson and Idonije all of whom seem like stand up guys with Burelson in particular being rather good on the camera can you image how much good will the image these vets playing out their last days and helping groom those brought in to replace them. Hell even seeing backus still kicking about as a coach would just be a testament to how much this team wants to be together and the togetherness of the locker room.

Ziggy- Coming out of college most people knew that he was fairly new to both the game of football and to the culture in the locker room I can imagine that he would be a well-received character as his on the field actions are we have heard from him so far and that is the best thing but the intrigue of his background and some of his little quirks would draw in the crowds and hopefully make him along with Suh the face of this defence particular if his play keeps up, and that would in turn help to speed up the Suh PR blitz

Gunther Cunningham- We all know that the sound bites this guy makes are just classics but if there was one solid way to get the average fan to think more positively about a team it is a guy like this. "Let's not talk about it. I might throw up while I'm talking." One of favourite quotes here.

A couple of characters – Including the one listed above we have a nice set off guys who would be good for a sound bite in the team Stafford Bush and Burelson all seem to be very good at generating some good ground swell feeling round the water cooler and any PR these guys generate is usually pretty positive. It would take these sort of people the really flip the public’s general thought process on the Lions and that is really the point of Hard Knocks for a team that already has a big fan base .

The key thing I think with this whole thing to get a good PR buzz is to go into a place when the balls in the air are mostly positive and the negative ones are being throw by the team players ( sorry for the extended metaphor) ala no qb controversy no megastar under the tag no new HC FO and so on and the position battles being between the upstart young player and the vet it will just give the whole thing a vibrate feel and that as much as anything else would give that PR boost.

So there you go that is my reasoning behind why we should do it if anyone has anything to either add to this or to disagree with this leave it in the comments I would really like to get a discussion going on this.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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