This place has become intolerable on game days

Put down your pitchforks and other instruments of rabble-rousing. You've had 7 game threads (plus overflows) worth of venting, ranting, screaming like toddlers, insults, bickering, and general jackassery. That's 7 games too many for my liking, and I am writing to implore you all to pledge to stop it.

Why? Because as I peruse the game threads, I see fewer and fewer names that I recognize. Other than the mods, most of the regulars seem to stay away from game threads. Why? Because if I wanted to have a 13 year old scream at me for 3 hours, I'd go play CoD online. I'm here, like any sane fan, looking for a conversation of the team as a game unfolds.

That is the experience this website used to provide. Now that conversation is little more than a group of bullies and assholes trying to outdo each other's insults of the team they profess to be loyal to and, unbelievably enough, the other guests of this site. I was called things this past week that were above and beyond what is civil and acceptable, and my crime was simply standing up and asking people to tone down the constant negativity. For that I was met with misogyny and some sadistic, semi-literate groupthink.

I logged off and didn't bother to come back for the rest. I wonder how many other users had the same experience?

For starters, the moderators have to step up their game. There is no excuse for even half of the non-stop harping that comes out in every single game thread. For people who disagree, go to the well-run bless you boys site -- the Tigers counterpart to this Lions site. There are disagreements and there are strong opinions about management decisions and performance and whatnot. But there are no dicks, mostly because they get a couple of whacks at being a dick and then they're gone. We could use a nice housecleaning like that here.

Beyond that, there are some more specific concepts to help some of you stop being insufferable jerks who ruin what should be a fun, fan-bonding experience.

1. Stop the instant screeching and the pearl-clutching/vapors-having nonsense that comes after every single play that isn't a first down or a TD. We are not your drinking buddies and this is not your local BW3. This is not the place to GET REALLY FUCKING PISSED ABOUT THAT PUNT. At least not like that.

2. Stop the constant overuse of frankly terrible nicknames. Gym Shortz was funny once. It was tolerable for three days. It was gag worthy after about a week. Now I want to climb into the monitor and choke people who use it. You know how you look at kids wearing pants that sag with their ass hanging out and wonder why they make themselves look that stupid? That's you, every time you type out that name.

3. Stop overreacting to dropped passes/missed throws/penalties. They happen to every single team and every single player. We don't need a 9-post missive on why it is Gunther's fault that Chris Houston thought he had safety help and turned the wrong way, giving up a TD. It wasn't, and even if it was, no one gives a shit beyond you.

4. Stop bitching about the management. The time to argue coaches is after the season is over, or when things have gone so far into the Schiano Zone that a firing is imminent. Then you can reasonably go back and forth on who should be in, who should be out, etc. But week 7 of a winning season? While we're in first place and battling another first place team? No one wants to hear your "I hate Gym Shortz" routine again. Take it to m-live.

5. Stop igniting or perpetuating flame wars. If you want to have a slap fight, put on your gloves and go outside. We don't need to see 45 responses to "ok bruh" "cool story bruh" and so on.

6. Before you type something, ask yourself this: Would anyone I know actually want to read this? If not, delete it and let that thought go.

There's more, but I've already made my point.

Guys, this place was awesome once. We have a really nice community. And to the extent that we've lost our way with the game threads, we have a really good example at BYB for how to conduct those threads in a more enjoyable way. We're 4-3. We have some big games coming up. Can we please make this website a place to enjoy them?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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