It's not crazy to think the Lions can win the division and host a playoff game

The Lions have entered the bye week at the right time at 5-3, and it's not crazy to think that we can the division and have homefield advantage in the playoffs and here's why,

1. The bears are banged up right now we can beat the Bears at Solider Field

2. The Packers are beatable with the Lions playing the Packers at Ford Field on Thanksgiving gives us the advantage we have loud and crazy fans that rock the stadium, plus Nate Burleson will be back, Calvin will be in the game and we have Reggie Bush, with Matthew Stafford as our Quarterback

3. The Vikings are an embarrassment this year the only team Minnesota has beaten is the Steelers oh and by the way the Steelers have only won 2 games so far this year beating the Vikings should be no problem

4. The rest of the schedule: when I looked at the schedule for this season I thought the Lions had pretty tough schedule this year, as to everyone's surprise the teams that are suppose to be playoff contenders have flopped this season, the teams that we will be facing that are outside of the NFC North from week 10-week 16 are as followed,

The Pittsburg Steelers who are currently 2-5 have been a huge disappointment, this is a team we can very well beat on the road remember if the Vikings can beat the Steelers so can our Detroit Lions

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, this is a team like the Jacksonville Jaguars who are poised to finish 0-16 the team is currently 0-7, I I highly doubt that Tampa Bay will be able to stop Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson or even be able to out play our defense

The Philadelphia Eagles who are 3-5 are battling with injuries with Quarterback Michael Vick, do not expect the Eagles to perform at a high level with injury prone Michael Vick, and plus this team just can't seem to get it together this a game that the Lions can win

The defending Super Bowl Champs the Baltimore Ravens who are currently 3-4 will be in Detroit for Monday Night Football, I'm sorry but the Ravens will not be in the playoffs nor will they make it the Super Bowl for a repeat, the retirement of Ray Lewis really hurt the Ravens, not having Ray Lewis is as a leader of the team, unless Flacco steps up and takes control of this team they will not be successful and with the game being in Detroit on Monday Night Football the Lions have the upper hand remember the 2011 Monday Night Football game, you can expect the same results the fans will play a huge role in this game, the Lions can and will win against the Ravens

and finally the last team that is not in the NFC North that we can beat is the New York Giants, the Giants have a disappointing 2-6 record, If I was a Giants fan I would be furious with this team with the Super Bowl being played in New York nothing would make the city of New York happier then to have the Giants play in the Super Bowl in New York, I don't think that is going to happen you can't have a 2-6 record an expect to make the playoffs when it comes to this point of the season the Giants would be playing for a draft spot, this is a game the Lions can and will win and for this being a home game the Lions will beat the Giants before heading off to Minnesota for the final game of the season.

The second half of the season looks real promising and we can win the Division and Host a playoff game, the 2 games that we really need to pay attention to is going to Chicago after the bye week and hosting Green Bay on Thanksgiving Day the Lions could finish 11-5 by losing to Chicago and Green Bay but we would lose the division and we would most likely play on the road in the first round of the playoffs but the way the schedule is laid out and the way these teams have been playing for 8 weeks the Lions could finish 12-4 with a loss to Green Bay or Chicago or better yet 13-3, it sounded crazy at the beginning of the season but with the way that this season has played out for the majority of teams who are playoff contenders year in and year out gives the Lions a chance to do something that we have not seen in over 20 years, we can win the NFC North and host the first home playoff game at Ford Field in Downtown Detroit

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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