Open thread roll call: Lions at Bears

Thanks to everybody who stopped by our game threads on Sunday.

Total comments: 2,502

Total commenters: 123

# Commenter # Comments
1 Nate D. 253
2 nuftjedi 236
3 RedWingedLigerFan 149
4 Sats Mundin 133
5 rames 121
6 Kudos 114
7 fiendishdr.wu 106
8 Veihl789 85
9 gibbsericj 69
10 SanDiegoMick 69
11 ahtrap 63
12 Eddie Apoc 53
13 griffinman13 52
14 TheHansBecker 52
15 Reno09 49
16 mrbusto71 46
17 HawkLionwegian 37
18 jwitzsc 33
19 Brandon Kish 33
20 swish330 33
21 WalterM 32
22 sterankofan 31
23 Lead Hunter 28
24 Heir Apparent 26
25 the new Bradfather 26
26 Sean Yuille 24
27 cram9030 24
28 AlaskaLion 23
29 Mark Douglas 23
30 Carolina_Lion_Ryan 22
31 Usman 'Uzi' Altafullah 21
32 dimes5 21
33 TerribleTyler56 20
34 Bighaircut 19
35 crazyj 18
36 joshsun 17
37 separateunion 17
38 Jacob30 16
39 stevedarsh 15
40 katoom 15
41 LionsD 13
42 the lpc 13
43 JoeK5 13
44 House by the Side of the Road 12
45 DierRetlaw 11
46 Peter Putzel 10
47 awayfromthepride 10
48 zernbabyzern 9
49 jonathan.onne 9
50 Gigatron9002 9
51 scottmac1121 9
52 Shankdiddy 7
53 JP423 7
55 DrewsLions 6
56 DLions4Eva 6
57 Elfuego51 5
58 Lehi 5
59 Thorpac 5
60 Seymore4873 5
61 explosivo2k2 5
62 blair 4
63 The Boourns 4
64 stevenyc 4
65 simscity 3
66 So Cal lions Fan 3
67 JayBDet 3
68 Mr. Zebra 3
69 giggy09 3
70 Honalulublue 3
71 Hyperion Ecta 3
72 Tyrone Billiam Spencer 2
73 Dr J 2
74 ATL Lion 2
75 juhsayngul 2
76 Dtrain81 2
77 LionFanInChiefsLand 2
78 BillySimsMadeMeDo 2
79 West Side Lions Fan 2
80 RomanLion 2
81 MonteCarlo7888 2
82 HappyCats 2
83 unsavory 2
84 Sliverwaveattack81 2
85 LibertineDream 2
86 jbeau2 2
87 StapleGun 2
88 TheLoneDavid 2
89 Ballinhard04 1
90 boscokid 1
91 MSUDersh 1
92 Jose Valverezias 1
93 ABN_MI_fan 1
94 Justan Oldfart 1
95 Northern Lite 1
96 David Tokarz 1
97 BigBensFro 1
98 Lonnie Harris 1
99 LionTarHeel 1
100 Staffordno9 1
101 419lions 1
102 KGW 1
103 Hendo44 1
104 markcal 1
105 zoostation 1
106 The GIF Oracle 1
107 LionsGal652 1
108 @lions2081 1
109 toled0lions 1
110 kbonney354 1
111 Alejandro Parrao 1
112 Usmarine0341 1
113 Trysdor 1
114 dfwLions 1
115 Foolforthesilverandblue 1
116 Penaltylions 1
117 NorthLeft12 1
118 Stones1981 1
119 themiltman2006 1
120 ridebmx 1
121 socalslim3 1
122 cali-lion 1
123 seabeeruss 1
# Recs Commenter Comment Link
42 gibbsericj i'll just leave this here....
33 Kudos [no title]
25 rames [no title]
16 Nate D. MVP of the game
15 Nate D. FIRST!
15 nuftjedi [no title]
14 Usman 'Uzi' Altafullah cause i can't post this enough
11 Dr J Well, with a 17% chance of the Bears making the playoffs...
11 nuftjedi This Calvin Johnson guy is pretty good
11 nuftjedi PODers Tonight
11 Sean Yuille I'll just leave this here
10 nuftjedi Happy Happy Joy Joy
10 DLions4Eva I have to say it
10 gibbsericj FOX is even going to let me watch Green Bay failboat?
10 katoom Also
9 Mr. Zebra Well, that was tense.
9 nuftjedi [no title]
9 TerribleTyler56 I still can't believe we deferred
9 Thorpac He grabbed his junk more than Michael Jackson
8 Nate D. [no title]
8 gibbsericj [no title]
7 So Cal lions Fan I Know
7 Eddie Apoc LET HIM PLAY!
7 Eddie Apoc For you stat junkies
6 nuftjedi [no title]
6 fiendishdr.wu WHAT A GLORIOUS DAY
6 David Tokarz I think he means that he doesn't like playing us.
6 Nate D. Literally the only time I've ever typed that in a subject line
6 Lehi That pussy Kyle Long got in Fairley's face
6 Bighaircut aaaand Bears fans are still delusional
6 Kudos Thank you fox for showing the end of the Packers game
6 Hyperion Ecta You gotta love winning on the road, against a divisional rival
6 jwitzsc Hello from Afghan
6 Bighaircut and then saved it the very next play
5 Staffordno9 What does
5 Sean Yuille Agreed
5 katoom Now we have to root for Dallas
5 fiendishdr.wu Fuck those cocky bastards over there at WCG. Called their open thread earlier the "Week 10 Pre-party open thread"
5 fiendishdr.wu Hahahaha. WTF
5 LionFanInChiefsLand A Bit Too Strongly Put, katoom - but Still Greened
5 Dr J Green'd
5 WalterM I think there are 2 important areas that need adjustment after this game
5 TheHansBecker I actually like how they have an open thread before the game
5 rames Damn right you did
5 fiendishdr.wu More 4th qrt clutch from number 9...we absolutely had to have that td.
5 katoom Victory always tastes sweeter against Chicago
5 katoom I'm just worried he's going to go home and beat up his girlfriend
5 Justan Oldfart Favorite Play
5 katoom Showed toughness, but at what cost?
5 Thorpac We walked into their house
5 Mr. Zebra A good win, and a good loss by the Packers.
5 katoom Cutler should have sat out
5 MAISON G. BLUE I stream a UK feed
5 Bighaircut [no title]
5 gibbsericj HELL YES
5 Eddie Apoc My Redzone is sore coach.
5 Bighaircut [no title]
5 katoom Dickhead
5 Mr. Zebra Falcons
5 Sean Yuille Yep
5 Kudos Windy City Gridiron
4 katoom I think Ryan was exposed a little
4 Elfuego51 Yikes
4 Elfuego51 Haha
4 Elfuego51 What the hell
4 Tyrone Billiam Spencer Awww Baby brandon is mad
4 Brandon Kish 49ers, Packers and Bears all lose. What a great day for the Lions.
4 ATL Lion The storyline I hear that amuses me he most
4 Sean Yuille Not as bad as the survivor pool today
4 JayBDet Its week 10 and were all alone in 1st in the North
4 fiendishdr.wu That's more what I mean. Now they're full blown off the railing with the injuries
4 katoom Panthers D is legit
4 fiendishdr.wu I love that he doesn't like us
4 fiendishdr.wu Yup, they ignored Dline for years and the secondary ain't so hot either
4 JayBDet yes there is
4 fiendishdr.wu We're a laughing hippo short of this thing becoming a green party lol
4 fiendishdr.wu What's the deal with the Texans and Falcons this year. Laid major eggs this season.
4 rames Injuries
4 Sats Mundin cmon houston
4 ATL Lion I wonder
4 awayfromthepride I look forward to watching this game tonight.
4 nuftjedi plenty of radio show fodder for Chicago folks
4 Sean Yuille I see what you did there
4 juhsayngul Not a pretty win
4 nuftjedi [no title]
4 nuftjedi can't get into that too much.....
4 katoom Any divisional road win is pretty to me
4 KGW Excellent!!!, Excellent!!!
4 Ballinhard04 Got back to first place
4 nuftjedi LAME
4 ABN_MI_fan you took my idea! good one!
4 LionFanInChiefsLand Happy Happy Happy - Thanks Sean for a Great Sum-up of This Nailbiter
4 Gigatron9002 From worst to first!
4 katoom Let them play a lot
4 So Cal lions Fan Nicely Officiated Game
4 joshsun winning this game is just....
4 nuftjedi [no title]
4 fiendishdr.wu We do open threads pretty much every day
4 Usman 'Uzi' Altafullah uhh
4 AlaskaLion I suspect Calvin thinks the same thing, but is too much of a gentleman to say that publicly
4 TheHansBecker I like those too.
4 fiendishdr.wu Do you just not care about the point I'm making? Lol
4 katoom I don't know
4 LionTarHeel Amen to that, katoom
4 TheHansBecker I was thinking the same thing when they were spanning the stadium before the game.
4 Shankdiddy C'mon man lol.. .CLEARLY it means.....
4 SanDiegoMick Great Win!!!
4 nuftjedi ok I just watched this freep video from Soldier Field and have to ask...
4 katoom He's averaging we'll over 100 with Stafford as his QB
4 AlaskaLion Well played
4 Tyrone Billiam Spencer I have to apologize
4 rames Good feeling
4 Nate D. [no title]
4 Thorpac whatever dude
4 RedWingedLigerFan This is just funny
4 Veihl789 yes sir
4 Nate D. He was a guy Martz liked
4 West Side Lions Fan Cutler was hiding
4 Sean Yuille Glad someone got the reference haha
4 fiendishdr.wu Well I think it's actually true for Flacco
4 BillySimsMadeMeDo A great win on the road at soldier field
4 boscokid thank you lions!
4 BigBensFro Damn it feels good to be a Lions fan tonight!!
3 Usman 'Uzi' Altafullah Top of the NFC North
3 stevedarsh [no title]
3 nuftjedi yeah was very dumb leaving cutler out there so long
3 nuftjedi I'd still rather not go up there to play
3 Nate D. +1
3 Nate D. And the Bears were lucky we got a foul to give them a 2nd attempt
3 Nate D. Praise the Flying Spaghetti Monster
3 fiendishdr.wu Lions are 3-2 on the road this season. You can't convince me we haven't turned the corner.
3 Heir Apparent Bollocks it is
3 the lpc i agree
3 simscity It took awhile
3 markcal Well,
3 Heir Apparent It's because we're infinitely better than you lot
3 the lpc [no title]
3 Usman 'Uzi' Altafullah Dude
3 RomanLion Excellent
3 stevenyc Epic win... raise your hand if you thought we were doomed after the missed FG
3 the lpc i agree
3 blair Monday night
2 Kudos I love Calvin Johnson
2 Peter Putzel I'm going to poop my pants when Detroit wins this
2 mrbusto71 Seneca Wallace hurt?
2 simscity it's sporting a pretty good record right now
2 AlaskaLion Hope you get an early Veterans Day present with a Lions W
2 HawkLionwegian so they did crap on a bible then
2 fiendishdr.wu LMAO, yes to all this. CHEERS
2 Bighaircut LEVYATHIAN!!
2 the lpc [no title]
2 DLions4Eva I know
2 Elfuego51 FUCK YES!!!!
2 Usman 'Uzi' Altafullah NFC North Kings
2 HawkLionwegian Marry her TODAY!!
2 fiendishdr.wu He called us talented punks
2 gibbsericj Spurlock
2 joshsun There is that TOUCH
2 Reno09 Or Cutler is
2 Foolforthesilverandblue Sweeeeeeeep!
2 nuftjedi good to know if I didn't drop out last week I would've been bounced this week anyway
2 Brandon Kish And it feels so good
2 Eddie Apoc awwww yeahh!!!
2 jonathan.onne Darius Slay-PR/KR
2 nuftjedi Yeah I'll call BS on this
2 gibbsericj My fiance just correctly called a Horse Collar Penalty before the flag was thrown.
2 Kudos Da Lions
2 HawkLionwegian make this green!
2 Veihl789 1st place
2 Veihl789 rec'd
2 nuftjedi I did a program in 2000 that let me work there for 6 months
2 Bighaircut Swept the Bears and it feels so good
2 HawkLionwegian Hoping
2 fiendishdr.wu We swept the Bears....We swept the Bears (SAY IT, it's fun)
2 DLions4Eva Sorry Sean for all of the curse words
2 DierRetlaw ^^
2 Hyperion Ecta POD player of the year voting is up guys
2 Gigatron9002 The high-stepping made me chuckle.
2 Nate D. I think he came out of the game
2 Carolina_Lion_Ryan Nadami anyone?
2 Dtrain81 Mmmmmm bears fans
2 Nate D. I'll trade ya
2 LionsD The slo mo, the high stepping
2 Heir Apparent I'd love to live in the North America for a bit
2 Nate D. [no title]
2 mrbusto71 So I'm rooting for Dallas tonight?
2 DierRetlaw Why did they stop picking on Slay?
2 Heir Apparent Brilliant result
2 DierRetlaw Can someone please make a gif of Fairley running after that 2point play?
2 nuftjedi of all the guys to tip it up in the air to
2 Sean Yuille I think it moved
2 LionsD I just got a migraine reading that
2 blair yep
2 Reno09 Give them 10 years and they'll get over the fact that we're actually legit now
2 nuftjedi I did enjoy my time living over there
1 Bighaircut I can't believe that they didn't sack cuntler once...
1 HawkLionwegian This makes me lmao everytime
1 rames Sure
1 Gigatron9002 Well tough shit. The Bucs will beat the Dullfins tomorrow.
1 blair we are good
1 Veihl789 yes sir
1 Nate D. I was exaggerating
1 Veihl789 Slay would get picked off the PS
1 Usmarine0341 I swear these guys really know how to get my blood pressure sky high lol
1 nuftjedi well it was more holy shit on the play, not necessarily him
1 RomanLion Yes
1 ahtrap hope it's not another 6 years before we can say it again
1 Usman 'Uzi' Altafullah rec'd
1 @lions2081 WOOT!
1 Veihl789 This guy
1 kbonney354 Good Win!
1 SanDiegoMick shake it, shake it good
1 RedWingedLigerFan wow
1 Sats Mundin goodness gracious I love football
1 rames Fine by me
1 zernbabyzern Meh.
1 Veihl789 i really wanted them to go 0-16
1 stevenyc Thanks man... let the good times roll!
1 rames Crazy
1 DierRetlaw beating winning teams is good.
1 Bighaircut [no title]
1 zernbabyzern Had to follow the game on twitter.
1 rames True
1 nuftjedi holy shit AJ Green
1 Sats Mundin exactly my thinking
1 rames Don't like
1 HawkLionwegian We just won on one of the toughest road trips we have ever had
1 LionsD I couldn't stop watching it over and over
1 SanDiegoMick what up my brother, good to see you on here man.
1 SanDiegoMick dancin' days are here again.....
1 dfwLions did my part to green it!
1 rames Terrible
1 nuftjedi especially if bentley is out for an extended period
1 giggy09 Fairley's an idiot and almost cost us the game.
1 LionsD Yes he was
1 LionsD They were flagged for a couple
1 Brandon Kish Tears for Bears
1 rames Why not
1 ahtrap we used him more as a WR than as a QB
1 stevenyc It was a must-win!
1 DierRetlaw there it is!!
1 Honalulublue Great win!
1 NorthLeft12 Nice win.
1 DierRetlaw we did have 4 personal foul penalties..
1 Brandon Kish Never knew McCown was a Lion before
1 ahtrap they did a job on EJ Manuel, for sure
1 LionsD Secondary makes me angry
1 Nate D. Please
1 StapleGun [no title]
1 Nate D. I've felt like that since Cleveland '09
1 Nate D. Been keeping track of them since I have Ben on my roster
1 ahtrap nope
1 DierRetlaw Foles victory formation doesnt look nearly as polished as Stafford's...
1 LionsD Pack should have started Rodgers Stache
1 Kudos *raises hand*
1 TerribleTyler56 We won a big game today
1 HawkLionwegian good god!
1 SanDiegoMick Hey guys, guys.....How you doin?
1 nuftjedi "this is why we never defer"
1 Elfuego51 Gonna be a fun week in Chicago
1 Gigatron9002 They turned the corner 2 weeks ago against the Chokeboys.
1 Reno09 Yes! You have! You are always a welcomed guest at TOC lol
1 separateunion You're gonna get flagged when you throw a player down after the whistle
1 zoostation cracks a helluva drug!!!
1 separateunion That can be taken two ways
1 HawkLionwegian Thanks for the info Brandon
1 nuftjedi [no title]
1 SanDiegoMick Neb sucks man, you should be able to stop them
1 separateunion He wasn't headed to the ground until well after the whistle
1 separateunion It was dirty though
1 Nate D. We can look forward to being #9 on the power rankings now!
1 Gigatron9002 Happy happy joy joy!
1 SanDiegoMick hey, I've been classy, dammit :)
1 Brandon Kish No yet but the warning on the TV sounds like it
1 HawkLionwegian Have snowmobiles will travel
1 nuftjedi he is a big guy so his momentum isn't the easiest thing to stop
1 nuftjedi for the division it hurts, but they are still certainly in the mix for the WC
1 nuftjedi I'd love to see some snow
1 Brandon Kish Yep as a double headline
1 katoom Oh well
1 nuftjedi [no title]
1 nuftjedi correct he was credited with a sack
1 Brandon Kish Nice way to celebrate a Lions victory
1 HawkLionwegian Da flag every time!!
1 Kudos My thoughts as well
1 zernbabyzern I don't really understand his "tough" play comment
1 Heir Apparent Hell Yeah
1 Gigatron9002 I did. Clutch play.
1 Kudos This made me lol
1 Reno09 haha, yep
1 cram9030 *raises hand*
1 Kudos MIchigan fans (not including myself)
1 nuftjedi he was throwing it as soon as anyone was within a foot of him
1 separateunion It was a huge loss
1 fiendishdr.wu We suck big time, no problem saying that lol
1 nuftjedi Panthers with a very "special" teams play there
1 separateunion Hits after the whistle is how football should be played?
1 HawkLionwegian Not many wins are perfect my friend
1 SanDiegoMick Big game next week, a very winnable one
1 MAISON G. BLUE Thought he was going to start singing Thriller
1 HawkLionwegian This is so great my friend
1 MAISON G. BLUE I agree
1 Sean Yuille Yeah, he surprisingly got the benefit of the doubt on that
1 Sean Yuille RECAP
1 giggy09 Because of a terrible playcall by the Bears. He was lucky to redeem himself.
1 mrbusto71 I remember someone said he took a shot on a throw
1 Brandon Kish Bengals got greedy there
1 Thorpac Note that the other division teams all have had 5 home games
1 mrbusto71 yeah they did.
1 zernbabyzern used to be my go-to place for hilights
1 blair clean
1 Kudos Beyond frustrating trying to watch videos on there
1 Gigatron9002 We'll be fine as long as nobody on the team stomps on the Towel.
1 mrbusto71 You have to click the one above what it's playing
1 separateunion Maybe I'm remembering incorrectly
1 Mark Douglas yea its terrible
1 Sliverwaveattack81 The Motor City Cats
1 LionsD They looked awful last week.
1 WalterM They might be a different team with full strength Harvin too
1 separateunion You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means.
1 Kudos hairy Beary asses made me lol
1 Nate D. Haha
1 DLions4Eva Yeah, I'm 7-2 as well on my predictions
1 zernbabyzern Trying to watch the hilights on
1 gibbsericj WEEK 11
1 Sats Mundin and Mark Trestman's mental disability
1 nuftjedi not sure I'd count on the Giants or Ravens to do anything
1 LionsGal652 I'm on cloud 9 right now!
1 nuftjedi yeah probably
1 Veihl789 okay...cuz i was gonna say.
1 zernbabyzern I didn't see it.
1 Bighaircut truth
1 Nate D. Carolina
1 Nate D. Me too
1 LionsD Not impressed with Seattle
1 stevenyc Who to root for tonight...
1 Kudos Whatever makes them feel better
1 separateunion Agreed
1 Nate D. I'll take ugly wins
1 RedWingedLigerFan 1st place all alone
1 mrbusto71 TD, CHI! TD, DET! punt punt punt punt punt, Cutler = Ow, my peener!, punt punt punt punt
1 RedWingedLigerFan Holy Shit
1 nuftjedi the ankle is connected to the groin bone?
1 stevedarsh Bears. Bush. Battlestar Galactica
1 explosivo2k2 That pass was beautiful
1 nuftjedi [no title]
1 rames Sweet
1 Reno09 hard to see past the beard
1 Nate D. Lucky man
1 nuftjedi if you already popped the question I'd hope so
1 Sats Mundin that hungry howies commercial may have been the worst thing ive ever seen
1 nuftjedi PROCESSED!
1 dimes5 Please for crying out loud. Draft a legit CB!
1 Nate D. At least he hasnt been outperformed by REUBEN RANDLE
1 gibbsericj If this stands im going to be pissed as FUCK
1 mrbusto71 That's kind of the point of Cialis, no?
1 Alejandro Parrao Detroit Lions...THE KING IN THE NORTH!!!!
1 jwitzsc Wayne State Pride!!!
1 swish330 We need to recover the onside kick
1 Nate D. I'm aware
1 Hyperion Ecta Yay!
1 rames 6-3
1 WalterM Cutler better watch out
1 Sean Yuille Rocky McIntosh of all people with the stop
1 ahtrap Play of the game: When Chicago got Process'd
1 Nate D. +81
1 Eddie Apoc A stop! WHAT!
1 Nate D. +10 to stamina
1 WalterM That was a smart call by the Bears
1 Bighaircut [no title]
1 Bighaircut Schwartz's press conference after this game...
1 mrbusto71 We're the Lions.
1 nuftjedi goose defending a horsecollar
1 katoom Still undefeated when I watch from the cabin
1 nuftjedi yep they're about to blow it
1 separateunion I think that's probably why it didn't get flagged
1 Lead Hunter They must be trying to find a reason to take this away.
1 mrbusto71 The guy who wrote Lord of the Rings? O_o
1 Mark Douglas tolzien not tolkien haha
1 ahtrap was thinking about that when the commentators said we'd lost 5 straight at Soldier field
1 Nate D. It's for all those classy mfers who pour their Miller Lite into a glass
1 DLions4Eva Yep
1 Lehi Which hit are you talking about?
1 Dtrain81 Lol delusional
1 HappyCats Well maybe
1 HawkLionwegian They couldn't chase Stafford
1 Gigatron9002 Are you kidding me? The refs flagged every single late hit in the game.
1 separateunion It was a cheap shot
1 the lpc [no title]
1 nuftjedi [no title]
1 separateunion Long should have gotten in Fairley's face, and I commend him for it
1 awayfromthepride Nfl loves it $$$$$$$$
1 Nate D. Regardless
1 rames No fucking kidding
1 DierRetlaw its not often the Lions blow someone out.
1 Nate D. From DET's facebook
1 Sats Mundin its nice to only WONDER what would've happened if Trestman had a brain
1 gibbsericj i believe it.
1 nuftjedi correct
1 ahtrap someone posted a tunnel gif in the second half thread
1 nuftjedi JAX Wins
1 Veihl789 Jesus
1 Kudos NO SOUP!!!!!
1 Nate D. I don't know the guy either
1 awayfromthepride Hahaha they might be better off
1 fiendishdr.wu No pressure, Dalton got to sit back and bomb away like a HOFer
1 Seymore4873 Thats what i'm talking about! WHITE CHOCOLATE..
1 Sean Yuille Lions deferred!
1 Nate D. Thank god we got Spurlock back
1 awayfromthepride They'll sign Flynn you just watch.
1 gibbsericj Thoughts on PIT next week?

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