Week 12 NFL picks against the spread: Mudder

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Get muddy and hold on to the ball with these Week 12 picks against the spread.

The Detroit Lions play indoors this week, but there was a little back-and-forth through the media between Jim Schwartz and Reggie Bush about whether or not Bush is a back built for the messy outdoors, or as Schwartz termed, "a mudder." Schwartz said Bush wasn't a mudder. Bush, on the other hand... (via NFL.com):

Bush disagreed with the assessment that he's not good in bad-weather situations, like the rain-soaked Pittsburgh field.

"I think the opposite," he said, per MLive.com.

The best rushing game of Bush's career, 203 yards, came in 2011 in snow in Buffalo. His best receiving game, 132 yards, happened in 2006 also in the snow, at Soldier Field, MLive pointed out.

"I pride myself on being able to run in all conditions. Know what I mean?" Bush said. "I think running in those kinds of conditions is, for me, it's better, because now defenders need to constantly be on their heels and toes. And when you can get guys off balance in the mud and when it's raining, it's kind of an advantage to the running back."

As I pointed out in this week's fantasy article, Bush's yards per attempt average on the road this year is only 0.2 less than at home, where he's getting a lot more work. (0.31 if you're using Football Reference.) While his career arch suggests he's almost a yard per carry better on turf, his two years in Miami suggest he can do just as well on grass (4.5 vs. 5.0 yards per carry). In addition to the career numbers provided by MLive above, the point is that Bush seems to be right, at least in recent years; he's been able to run in all conditions.

All moot this week in the clean, MRSA-free Ford Field, but something to consider for future roadies.

Infectious, disease- and blurb-free picks:

LIONS (-9) over Buccaneers

Jags (+10) over TEXANS

PACKERS (-5) over Vikings

CHIEFS (-5) over Chargers

DOLPHINS (+4) over Panthers

Steelers (+2) over BROWNS

RAMS (-1) over Bears

RAVENS (-3.5) over Jets

Titans (+1) over RAIDERS

Colts (+2.5) over CARDINALS

GIANTS (-2.5) over Cowboys

Broncos (-2.5) over PATRIOTS

REDSKINS (+5) over 49ers


Northern Lite: 71-66-7 (9-4-2) (52%)
Me: 70-83-8 (7-6-2) (46%)
KDawg: 69-82-8 (7-6-2) (45%)
Elfuego51: 66-71-7 (5-8-2) (48%)
cram9030: 62-66-7 (7-5-2) (48%)
Big.Al: 59-49-5 (55%)
HireMattMillen: 50-43-5 (54%)
lions fan displaced in las vegas: 51-52-5 (50%)
Bighaircut: 33-30 (7-6-2) (52%)
Reno09: 22-33-5 (40%)
JT072589: 17-9-3 (65%)
jwitzsc: 13-25-2 (4-9-2) (2-1 on locks) (34%)
Hendo44: 10-18 (36%)
gibbsericj: 7-7 (50%)
Jeremy Reisman's locks of the week: 6-9 (1-2) (40%)
ncbur10: 3-9-3 (25%)

* denotes teaser (+14) (season: 39-5)

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