Week 15 NFL picks against the spread: Exasperating turn of events

Mitch Stringer-US PRESSWIRE

Here are Week 15's NFL picks against the spread.

It's hard to believe that the Detroit Lions and last year's Super Bowl champions have a significant similarity going into their Week 15 matchup on Monday Night Football, but they do -- they are two of only four NFL teams that have a negative turnover differential and a winning record to boast. With each team hanging on to their playoff lives by a thread at 7-6, something has to give on Monday night, and hopefully it's not the Lions giving up the football like they have been in recent weeks.

The Lions' carelessness with the football in the past three weeks has been a rare feat of futility, even by Lions standards. The 12 combined turnovers in the recent three-week span are their most since 2011, coincidentally the last time they made the playoffs. Before that it was 2006, 2001 and 1992, all years they failed to make the postseason. Jim Schwartz said he was exasperated with the penalties called against his team last week -- and not wrongfully so, because those calls were garbage -- but he should be much more concerned with the turnovers.

The Lions possessed a plus-1 turnover differential through Week 9, but that number has been completely turned around to a negative-10 through Week 14, 28th in the NFL. Not good.

Speaking of which...

Chargers (+10.5)* over BRONCOS*

Honor coded.

FALCONS (-6.5) over Redskins
49ers (-5.5) over BUCS
TITANS (+2.5) over Cardinals
RAMS (+5.5) over Saints
Seahawks (-7) over GIANTS
Bears (+1.5) over BROWNS
COLTS (-6) over Texans
Bills (-2) over JAGS
DOLPHINS (+2.5) over Patriots
Eagles (-5) over VIKINGS
Jets (+11) over PANTHERS
Chiefs (-4.5) over RAIDERS
COWBOYS (-6) over Packers
Bengals (-3) over STEELERS
LIONS (-6) over Ravens


Northern Lite: 96-82-8 (8-7)
Elfuego51: 91-90-8 (11-5)
KDawg: 89-104-9 (10-6)
Me: 86-111-9 (8-8)
lions fan displaced in las vegas: 78-68-6 (7-8)
cram9030: 75-80-8 (5-9)
Big.Al: 68-56-5 (9-7)
Bighaircut: 53-50 (7-8)
HireMattMillen: 50-43-5
jwitzsc: 40-41-3 (9-6) (4-2 on locks)
Hendo44: 27-33 (8-8)
JT072589: 25-17-3 (8-8)
Reno09: 22-33-5
Jeremy Reisman's locks of the week: 7-13-1 (0-3)
MAISON G BLUE: 9-7 (9-7)
gibbsericj: 7-7
ncbur10: 3-9-3

* denotes teaser (+14) (season: 49-7)

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