I'm not gonna be the first to say I told you so....

but I am going to be the first to say I wish that I didn't...

I am approx. 35 years a Lions fan, and this is the first time in that entire history that I made a conscious attempt to distance myself a bit from football while still in the season... while we were not only in serious contention for a playoff spot but even better a division title.

I feel comfortable now admitting that about 4-5 weeks ago I developed a fear that we would take that division title that our division rivals attempted to hand us...somehow back into the playoffs, possibly win one game...and frightfully not be able to justify somehow letting Schwartz go. MF'in every team in this league it seems can turn around a rebuild in a year or two and somehow those good teams just keep turning time depleted rosters over and return to in that timeframe competitive, attractive and most importantly meaningful football.

I have two words for you right now as I raise my head and glance at my TV screen...Philadelphia Eagles...two more....Chip Kelly...the list only goes on from there my compatriots.

I don't have a timestamp on when exactly I lost my faith this year, but I truly had an epiphany this season that as it would become more and more likely that this could be our year for at least a division title, the fear in me would grow... as this could really be the inevitable impending collapse, one that after all the years of pain of the past would pass... this one would really be one for the ages.

And now I am only left to ponder what's worse...backing into the playoffs, or f'in backing out of the playoffs?

Schwartz should not be allowed to lead our team onto the field next week...he should go tomorrow morning. Make a f'in statement for once Detroit Lions. As every chance was given to you to make a statement with your play on the field Detroit Lions, you were given more chances than you ever really deserved this make a f'in statement that the time hasn't come...the time has gone...and so with it should go Schwartz, Cunningham and Linehan.

In my opinion MM has given us the talent, the roster and the go get that coach and coordinators that appreciate the talent we have and are ready to impose and exploit it.

The only thing the Lions will never take from me is hope.

One Love comrades...hang in there.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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