Biggest Schwartz Supporter... Until Now

I have been probably the biggest Schwartz supporter over the last two years. Personally I have always stuck my nose up at the typical "so called" analyst or even a fan who has a itchy trigger finger every time a team doesn't play well. Last year I blamed Mayhew and company. They had 20 some odd pending Free Agents which is very uncommon in the NFL and I think Chris Houston said it best when he thought because so many guys had no idea what was going to happen with them at the end of the 2012 season that the team just never clicked. Plus it seemed like despite the limited cap room we had, Mayhew was willing to role the dice while making little if any upgrades. Yes we had a 10 win season in 2011 but we had a lot of lingering issues that needed to be upgraded.

1) Our OL could pass block but could not run block to save their life. When a Defense only keeps 6 in the box, even an average running back should have a decent season. Mayhew drafted a LT but Jim only used him sparingly because we wanted to use up the forever Useless Jeff Backus.

2) Chris Houston is an average CB and the fact that he wasn't picked on as much as Bently, Green and who ever else is because he wasn't the rookie... not because he was just "that good." It was fools gold and he got a contract that NOBODY was willing to pay him when he was a Free Agent. We wasted so much money on one average CB which gave us virtually nothing to work with after.

The game against the NY Giants was supposed to be Jim's game where he couldn't have had a better chance to prove all doubters that he should be the coach of the Detroit Lions and I was pulling for him as well. As of 6:30 pm yesterday, I was a still a "Schwartz Guy." That all changed when 3 different calls were made that were so terrible, so elementary, so 101 that you probably spent 3 hours trying to figure out the rational. First the 3rd down pass play which went for an interception.

-My question.... "Why pass?" Ok, I'll give the benefit of the doubt that the Lions wanted to keep possession but think of this. What had the Giants done on Offense in the 2nd half up to that point? They were down to their last RB; their O-Line was on Life Support and Hakeem Nicks was limping. Why not just keep running the ball and punt the ball to them if we couldn't convert on the ground and make their depleted Offense beat us? How could have nobody on that coaching staff come up with that rational? I mean what had our defense done all day other than allow one offensive TD and record their 2nd saftey in 4 weeks? Then the commentators starting sighting excuses like the Defense never converts any turn overs.... yeah well keeping the NY Giants to 13 points seems like a pretty good day to me. Inexcusable coaching mistake.

Mistake 2 - The Lions are one of those teams that start off with a hot drive and then flutter through the game until a big play happens. Yesterday it took a big punt return by Ross to get them fired up. My question is why in the world would you say "no thank you" to another momentum push courtesy of Glover Quin and let your team cool down? That wasn't even conservative... it was flat out Chicken Shit, and it showed Jim had zero confidence in his offense to make a winning drive. The fans were booing because everyone in the crowed knew that it was a mistake and saw where it was leading.

Mistake 3. Giants had the ball on 4th and 7 and decided to go for it... Jim just sat their and starred at the field. Jim... when the game is tied in overtime and the next play could determine whether they can kick a winning field goal, and the team decides to go for it on 4th down.... CALL TIME OUT.

This game yesterday was the one plat form where Jim could have stuffed it right in the media's face and showed that he is the right coach, instead he made (or allowed) 3 Critical Coaching Errors that cost us the game. After coaching a team for 5 years, he should have known what his team could do with his eyes closed and he instead was coaching with his skirt on and decided to pussy foot into overtime.

I'm done with Schwartz and I'm ready for the next coach.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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