My Ultimate Offseason Coaching Wishlist.

Well, now that our season is essentially done (finally), we can come to appreciate the pastime that never seems to let us down. The offseason is just around the corner! With it we can expect intrigue, surprise, anger, hate, empathy, and acceptance---all before the beginning of next season. Hopefully, however, we can skip a few of those and get a coach who knows what he's doing.

Without further ado, here is the beginning of my offseason wishlist, which starts with the head coach.

The top five candidates I would love to see as a head coach are:

1. Jon Gruden

2. Lovie Smith

3. Rex Ryan

1.Gruden, in his first year led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a 12-4 record and took home the championship. He never finished another season with that high of a record, but put together some great seasons. In 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 he went 11-5, 4-12, 9-7, and 9-7. Over the 14 years he has been coaching he has a win percentage of .540, which seems low, but it includes 5 divisional championships and a Superbowl win.

The reason why Gruden is number one on my list is simple: He is the man for the job. I know he's been out of coaching for five years, but he's been involved with football. He understands schemes. He understands quarterbacks. I believe he can elevate Stafford, and bring a fire to our team thats been missing. We need a leader, and we haven't had one for a long time. Not only that, but this football team looks a lot like the football team he took over and brought to the Superbowl in his first year. Now, I know you are thinking, "That team was destined for the Super Bowl", but guess what.. someone had to bring them there. The reason he gets the nod over Lovie is because he won the Super Bowl, and he has the ability to refine Stafford into the star quarterback he can become. He was also part of a team with a 4-3 defense, and could contribute significantly with recruiting.

If Gruden isn't willing to coach our team, then I think Lovie Smith should get a phone call. He was fired when the bears didn't make the playoffs after starting 7-1 and ending the season at 10-6 in 2012, and he's been itching to coach ever since. It was a crazy year. Lovie has a track record of winning. In his last three years coaching he went 11-5, 8-8, and 10-6. His best record was in 2006 when the Chicago bears went 13-3; the same year they won the conference and played in the Superbowl. His overall record included one conference championship and three divisional championships, and a record of .563.

If you know anything about Lovie then you can see why it would be great to have him as a head coach. He has always been defensively minded, and our team is deep with the defensive talent a coach would love to develop. He also has the knowledge necessary to fix our secondary issues. Another important thing in our competitive devision is the significant advantage he could give us when playing against Chicago. After being the head coach for nine years, he knows the personnel better than anyone outside of the organization.

The third person on my list is Rex Ryan. I know what your thinking. WHAT?!?!?!@$!@#%$YU$^$&@^$%@#$ But think about it for a minute, he could (maybe) do for our team what Andy Reid did for the Kansas City Chiefs. He started his career with ### Sanchez and still took them into the playoffs in the first two years of coaching. He finished second in the division both times, but ended up pulling out playoff wins in both seasons. His overall record is .519, but with a .667 in the playoffs. He has 0 Superbowl Wins, 0 Conference Championships, and 0 divisional championships. However, he also had lackluster talent with Buttfumble Mcgee at quarterback. He has proven his ability to create a potent defense in the NFL, but there are some issues with the system difference, like running a 3-4 defense. I'm not sure about his willingness to learn a new scheme, but our players were selected with a 4-3 in mind.

Well, there ya have it. Who do you want as our next head coach and why?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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