Looking ahead to Lions' next opponent: Minnesota Vikings

Andy Lyons

A look at the Minnesota Vikings, which will play host to the Detroit Lions in Week 17 of the season.

Next up for the Detroit Lions is a road game against the Minnesota Vikings in Week 17. Here's an early look at the Vikings:

Minnesota Vikings (4-10-1)

Schedule so far

Week 1 - at Lions - lost, 34-24
Week 2 - at Bears - lost, 31-30
Week 3 - vs. Browns - lost, 31-27
Week 4 - vs. Steelers - won, 34-27
Week 6 - vs. Panthers - lost, 35-10
Week 7 - at Giants - lost, 23-7
Week 8 - vs. Packers - lost, 44-31
Week 9 - at Cowboys - lost, 27-23
Week 10 - vs. Redskins - won, 34-27
Week 11 - at Seahawks - lost, 41-20
Week 12 - at Packers - tied, 26-26 (OT)
Week 13 - vs. Bears - won, 23-20 (OT)
Week 14 - at Ravens - lost, 29-26
Week 15 - vs. Eagles - won, 48-30
Week 16 - at Bengals - lost, 42-14

Reason for optimism

The Vikings are a 4-10-1 team coming off a blowout loss in Cincinnati. Their quarterback situation has been a mess all season, and their defense is allowing the most passing yards per game in the NFL (294.4). Needless to say, 2013 has not been kind to the Vikings, and much like the Lions, they could be on the verge of changing head coaches.

Reason for pessimism

Although the Vikings have had their struggles, they have actually won three consecutive home games. In their last home game, the Vikings took it to the Eagles in a 48-30 win. What's more, Sunday's matchup with the Lions will be the final game in the history of the Metrodome, so although the Vikings don't have anything to play for on paper, they will surely want to send out their stadium on a positive note.

Storyline to watch

For the Lions, their season is already basically over, and playing this game will simply be the final step before a coaching change is likely made. The Vikings game is about as meaningless as it gets for Detroit, and in all honesty, the result doesn't mean anything. The same could be said about this game from the Vikings' perspective, but considering it's the final game in Metrodome history, it does have some meaning to them. They don't have anything to play for when it comes to the standings, but I doubt the Vikings want to let the Metrodome era come to a close with a Lions victory.

Additional info

For more on the Vikings, check out Daily Norseman.

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