Stafford rejects idea of hiring QB Guru

Matthew Stafford is an immensely talented passer who has a style all his own. Though that is a true statement, it also might be limiting him from becoming the best QB that he can be. When somebody doesn't believe in allowing somebody to teach them, they limit the amount they are capable of learning.

Matt was asked if he would ever consider working with a quarterback guru in the off-season. Plenty of talented players such as Ben Roethlisberger, Tom Brady and Andrew Luck have spent time in off-seasons with quarterback guru's so it shouldn't sound outlandish. However, Stafford basically rejected the idea outright.

"Probably not," Stafford said to Justin Rodgers of, "It's not something that I feel would be my style or beneficial to me."

This is a very disappointing response from a QB as talented as Matthew is. He is closing his mind to the possibility of learning by shooting down the idea that a guru could help him. How can he know if he hasn't given them the chance to help? A person can reject an idea after having listened to it, but they can not accept an idea without ever hearing it.

Stafford has an awkward throwing motion that is very unique and ingrained in him. It is understandable for him to refuse to change it when he has been so successful with it. The problem though is if he is unwilling to talk with somebody that could help him based off of a stubbornness to avoid changing his motion.

He is not wrong for not wanting to change his throwing motion, where he is wrong is assuming that he can't learn anything that could be beneficial. Stafford should not be assuming that there is no knowledge that a guru could give him that would be helpful because he does not know what it is that they would say.

Even if it is as simple as going through drills that he has never done before, if it could help then why not try? As good as he is, Stafford could still be better. It's not like his career 59.4% completion percentage is as good as it gets, especially not recently when his season average is 58.1%.

In fact, his average over the last 7 games is a really ugly 52.5% and the Lions went from 1st in the division to playoff elimination during that span. If ever there was a time to consider new things it should be right now. What he has been doing hasn't worked well enough to get him where he wants to be, he has only made the playoffs once and he has not won there yet.

Gregg Doyle of CBS Sports wrote recently that Stafford is a bust, but that is taking it too far. If this is as good as Matthew Stafford will ever be then it is still really, really good. It is just hard to accept a QB whose team just went through what the Lions did rejecting an idea that could help him.

There is never a point where you have nothing left to learn, even if you already are elite. Matthew Stafford may be unique, but he is not immune to learning unless he refuses to. Rejecting the chance to learn more only will end up limiting his own knowledge.

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