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This board is based purely on what I feel are the best fits for our team. I'm not considering what number we will be picking at (even though I think the lions should trade back to 9,10,11 and get another second rounder) So here is my order of best players for the lions. To give some more understanding I believe our biggest needs are interior offensive linemen, Defensive end, Safety, and Corner.

1. Luke Joeckel OT Texas A&m- By far the best player in the draft, even though we have Reiff, he would be a steal. He would start at left tackle day one which means Reiff could play right guard or right tackle depending on what we want to do with Ghosder or Nagy.

2. Chance Warmack G ALabama- I think to draft Warmack we would need to trade down. I personally would take him with the number five pick if Joeckel was already off the board. He is the best guard in a decade to come out of the draft and would make our line better instantly.

3. Bjoern Werner DE Florida State- MOTOR, QUICK FIRST STEP, GERMAN POWER! Need I say more?

4. Eric Fisher OT Central Michigan- Great footwork, power angels, will be a great left tackle in the NFL, would do just about everything I said above for Luke Joeckel.

5. Damontre Moore DE Texas A&M- From the film I have watched he has shown how great he can be, but he has been slipping down the draft boards of experts. Until I know the reason I will leave him here.

6. Barret Jones C Alabama- Guy can play any position on the O-line. I respect Raolia for taking the pay cut to stay but he has been a weakness on this team for years, teams cannot run the ball with a center that gets blown back time after time. If Detroit is serious about a run game it needs to start up front.

7. Kenny Vaccaro S Texas- Best safety in the Draft, BALLHAWKING just watch his highlight videos. We would have to trade back to draft him because number 5 is too early for a safety. This also depends if we get George Wilson from buffalo in free agency, he did say he liked what he saw and could see him self here! KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED. It also depends if we keep Delmas. Delmas is a stud, I know he has been banged up but If it was up to me I would tag him for the year and give him one more chance to prove he can stay healthy, he is the heart of the defense.

8. Dee Milner CB Alabama- I know we are in need of a corner but I'm not convinced at taking him at five. He is not elite like a Patrick Peterson but if we moved back we could take him. I still want to see Bentley for more than 4 games and we would be dumb to let houston leave.

9. Jonathan Cooper G North Carolina- He's a stud, would be a dream for the lions if he made it to the second round but that is very unlikely. Would start day one

10. Jarvis Jones OLB Georgia- Not a pure fit for a 4-3 defense. The lions take too many chances on damaged goods, even though he was cleared by doctors earlier this week it is not worth the risk.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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