Season review - Looking ahead

Now that the pain of the season is healing up and having to watch another Super Bowl without our Lions is fading from memory, it's time to take another quick look at the past season to point out a couple of things before the draft and free agency.

First lets's look at the schedule:

Lions vs Rams 27-23 W

Lions vs 49ers 19-27 L

Lions vs Titans 41-44 L

Lions vs Vikings 13-20 L

Lions vs Eagles 26-23 W

Lions vs Bears 7-13 L

Lions vs Seahawks 28-24 W

Lions vs Jaguars 31-14 W

Lions vs Vikings 24-34 L

Lions vs Packers 20-24 L

Lions vs Texans 31-34 L

Lions vs Colts 33-35 L

Lions vs Packers 20-27 L

Lions vs Cardinals 10-38 L

Lions vs Falcons 18-31 L

Lions vs Bears 24-26 L

The Lions had a terrible 4-12 season and there is no true excuse for it. A .500 season, MAYBE, but not 4-12. I would like to start my point by addressing how many games were within reach and what that means. The main issue was not having any gamechanging play-makers, primarily on defense, that lasted the whole season. On offense we never had much of an issue getting on the board except for a few games. Granted, with some better play calling and red zone efficiency, I believe we could have scored much more than we did. However, losing Burleson and Broyles and Titus being, well, Titus, did not do us any service. I really liked the Mike Thomas pick-up during the season, but I thought it would turn out to be "more" than what it did. Defense on the other hand was a different story. So many injuries from Hill and Avril to the enire secondary.

So going into the draft and free agency, there are two major aspects that I want brought in. I want some young leadership brought in to help keep the locker room controlled and I want a couple of playmakers. If Delmas can stay healthy this year, then he can be the playmaker in the secondary (Josh Evans from UF would be nice to have opposite) and if Fairley can take a step forward (and stay healthy), then he can be a playmaker on the DL and take attention away from Suh and allow him to wreak havoc again. This season could have easily been at least 10-6 again if the DL had put just a bit more pressure on the QB's or if the depleted secondary could have just stopped a couple more big plays (Titans game immediately comes to mind). Almost every game was in reach, even against the "stud" teams of the season. Just a couple of extra big plays were given up in each game to seal our fate.

So, Lions Fans, who in the draft or free agency (salary cap in mind, Bush supporters) can be our playmakers to get us in the playoffs again?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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