Lions Mock offseason - 2013 edition

What’s up Lion nation? I do one of these every year and love when people rip it to shreds. Here we go!

Resigns/releases :

Release Best – I feel bad for the guy, but this is a business. I wish nothing but the best for him.

Resign UFA: Houston, Heller, Sammie Hill, Fluellen, Durant, Levy, Houston, Delmas, Hanson, Harris, and Muhlbach

Resign RFA: Fox, Willie Young.

Free agency:

Sign Dwight Freeney to a 3-year deal – Might be a bit cheaper because there are so many teams that run the 3-4 now. Provides strong leadership that this team desperately needs. We could use the speed off the edge.

Sign Eric Wright to a 4-year deal – We know that he will play well in our system. Might be cheap because of his bad season in Tampa. With Wright/Houston as our starters, the young db’s that we drafted last year can continue to develop.


1st – Eric Fisher, OT from CMU – Would love to move back, but realistically this isn’t a draft where teams want to move up. He has all the tools to be a pro-bowl caliber LT. I like Womack but I can’t justify taking him at 5. He is also a Michigan guy so he will probably love playing for Detroit.

2nd – DeAndre Hopkins, WR from Clemson – Personally watched this guy tear it up against my wolfpack this year. They don’t call him Nuke for nothing. He has big play ability and will be great opposite Megatron. He has the hands of Anquan Boldin but he is much quicker.

3rd – Tank Carradine, DE from FSU – though he is injured, he is one of the best pure pass-rushers in this draft. Needs to continue to learn the position and add strength.

4th (Speculated Comp. pick) – Khaled Holmes, C from USC – Smart and athletic center that can develop into a starter when Dom retires.

5th – Kenjon Barner, RB from OU – Good replacement for Best. He would provide good balance with Leshoure, Bell.

6th- Tyrann Mathieu, CB/PR from LSU – Would have good value at this pick. He can replace Logan as our kr/pr and also play slot recievers.

7th – Earl Wolff, S from NCSU – Solid backup safety that plays well against the run and pass.

7th (Speculated Comp. Pick) – Denard Robinson, ATH from UM – Sub-4.4 speed? We can find something for him to do on our offense.

Other moves:

Move Backus to guard. We will be more effective at guard. Allows us to start our talented young tackles.

Lions Depth Chart (going into camp)

QB – 1. Matthew Stafford 2. Shaun Hill 3. Kellen Moore

RB - 1. Mikel LeShoure 2. Joque Bell 3. Kenjon Barner

FB – 1. Will Heller

WR – 1. Calvin Johnson 2. Nuke Hopkins 3. Ryan Broyles 4. Nate Burrelson 5. Denard Robinson

TE – 1. Brandon Pettigrew 2. Tony Scheffler

T – 1. Eric Fisher (L) 2. Riley Reiff(R) 4. Corey Hilliard 4. Jason Fox

G – 1. Jeff Brackus (L) 2. Rob Sims (R) 3. Bill Nagy

C – 1. Dominic Raiola 2. Khaled Holmes

DE – 1. Dwight Freeney (L) 2. Wille Young (R) 3. Lawrence Jackson 4. Tank Carradine

DT – 1. Ndamukong Suh 2. Nick Fairley 3. Sammie Hill 4. Andre Fluellen

LB – 1. DeAndre Levy(Ws) 2. Stephen Tulloch (MLB) 3. Justin Durant(Ss) 4. Travis Lewis 5. Tahir Whitehead 6. Ashlee Palmer

CB – 1. Chris Houston 2. Eric Wright 3. Tyrann Matheu 4. Jonte Green 5. Bill Bentley

S – 1. Louis Delmas 2. Ricardo Silva 3. Amari Spievey 4. Earl Wolff

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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