The Lions Trade Out of #5 Pick? (Pseudo- Jeff Mock 1.5)

The Lions need to fill some holes with young beasts. Am I right? ..Young beasts that aren't having surgery after the draft, that don't have injuries plaguing them, and aren't going to cost a bunch of money (since Calvin, Suh, and Stafford already take up enough cap space), and haven't proven to be EXACTLY what the Lions need.. I say trade back to the bottom of the first round and pick up another 2nd AND 3rd choice or two... and grab some real talent that will fill holes and leadership positions.. Guys like:

Matt Elam. Safety. Florida.

Margus Hunt. Defensive End. SMU.

Brian Schwenke. Center. California.

Khaseem Greene. Linebacker. Rutgers.

Mike Gilislee. Running Back. Florida.

Tyrann Mathieu. Cornerback. LSU.

Denard Robinson. Athlete. Michigan

I'm not suggesting they get all of these guys... Just most of 'em..LOL. Which means I'm suggesting the Lions become serious traders and talkers this year... making lots of calls in the "war room", and streaching those extra picks they get for trading out of the fifth spot, for as many extra 2nd, 3rd and 4th round picks to pick up some extra dudes with talent and size, that can fit in and play different roles.. Almost immediately.. if not immediately.

There's a number of teams that have an extra 2nd and/or 3rd pick... So depending on who they (possibly) trade with is gunna probably affect this how legit this mock draft is, but like I said, they're gunna have to wheel n deal these picks to grab most of these guys...

Snag Hunt First, DE's are going to fly off the board... So make him a first rounder. Starter probably..

Then Elam, He's underrated by some but teams like that Patriots (who love to draft Gators) 49ers, and Ravens, could be pretty high on him. So Grab him with the 36th pick.. Starter definitely..

Khaseem Green and Mike Gilislee come next Depending on if they're there... Start Mike behind Mikel.. And Greene would start depending on what LBs come back..

...More trading and pick swapping happens blah blah yadda yadda... Who's available? Oh why it's My man Denard.. and Tyrann Mathieu... Oh hey guys, nice to see you slip so far down the draft board... SNATCH! Tyrann could probably start.. And Denard could be anything he else we need.. like a kick/punt returner.. or a running back.. or a QB.. just in case...

I say look later on down the line looking at Offensive Lineman.. It may look enticing to get one early but I saw a couple low graded ones straight killin it at the combine today.. Specifically: *Jason Weaver 6'4"/313/OT, Vinston Painter 6'4"/306/OT, Josh Dworaczyk 6'6"/300/G.. STEALS!!

And the picks keep coming... Depending on if there are any left, after probably trading back into the 3rd and 4th a couple times..

There's still Rodney Smith WR out of FSU on the board.. We'll take a 6'6" vertical threat with some shake..

Oh, what, we still have a 7th round pick left to use on Melvin White? Huge Corner out of Louisiana Lafayette, with arms long enough to wrap around a sumo wrestler to knock the ball out..

I think that's all we'd be able to do... IF THAT!

Anyways... What do you fella think of this plan...?

Also I'm just just wanna throw in there that The Lions should try for Tebow.. and Wes Welker..


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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